Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Trade worth the price

No, I'm not talking commerce. LOL

Trade Paperbacks! Those $12 to $14 priced big books. Remember the griping I did two posts down? I have found my balance, my stride my nirvana.

I found one that is worth it. Oh my goodness, I could NOT put it down. Didn't want to . Wanted the experience to go on and on and on.

Hot Spell , an anthology with my one of my favorite writers, Emma Holly, along with Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker and Meljean Brook.

There is not one story that doesn't work. Not one story that doesn't have a moment where you just close your eyes and wish it were happening to you. Not one moment when the guy and the girl are "feeling the love" that you don't feel it too and not once do you stop reading , to flip forward to "get back to the story ".

It all works. It's all relevent. The only time I felt "lost" is with/ in passion.

Do I sound gushy-gushy? Perhaps. But I know what I like.

You know what else I like? The guy on the cover. Remember I told you that Emma had a new blog site? The ladies she's co-author with have some awesome contacts. They KNOW who he is!! The mysterious cover model that I've been sighing over (discreetly of course) since I saw him on Sherrilyn Kenyons book awhile ago is :

Nathan Kamp- purrrrrrr

Check out this blog post that tells when the interview is going to be held... Nathan I have more pics too, see?

The only thing "I" found out about him is:

Height:6'1'' - Suit:41L - Waist:32x33 - Shirt:15.5x32 - Shoe:12 - Hair:Brown - Eyes:Brown

Did you notice he has the most adorable, cute little Outie Belly button? Gee whiz, I'm blushing.!

And if you are really in the mood to see other classy fashion models -male of course since I'm female and it is my blog .... check out the variety on this site that I happily found by delightful accident.

They are all ages, I think. So for the young debutantes and the sophisticated ladies, I think there's a view for you.

Oooh, check out Patrick Goebel ! Or Quinn Nieland! Not too sure of Nate Golon though, he sort of reminds me of one of the bad guys from a James Bond movie ... cute but deadly.

Matt Bolt would make a great, young and sulky but cute werewolf.

You know I have to throw a paranormal reference in there somewhere, right? LOL

Isn't this a much more fun post than the last one? Although it did make one think, I like to have fun.

Don't You??


Brandy said...

Well, I like this post, alot. Glad you found a book you like. I myself try not to buy too many of the trade size. They just cost too much. I think I have 3 coming though. ( I got a great deal.) Woo-hoo on the dude!! I'll have to sneak a look at the others when Dh is busy!

Michele said...

LOL! It's going to be tricky to sneak a peek when he's home for the week, eh, Brandy? LOL!
Glad you liked this post. *wink*

I had fun putting it together. -^^-

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Michele! How cool that you came to CosmoChix and told your friends about the Nathan Kamp interview coming up on Romance: B(u)y the Book. I can't thank you enough. I'm in the process of writing Nathan's interview; he's so cool, I just hope lots of his fans get to read it.

I really like your blog. Thanks again,


Annalee Blysse said...

He's such a hunk... hmm...

Stacy~ said...

Hey Michele I found your blog from MB's Romance by the Blog. Another huge NK fan here. I also have a bunch of listmania lists at Amazon with some of his covers (about 110 so far!). Always great to meet another fan of the hottie Nathan ;)

Bailey Stewart said...

Well this is going on my TBB list.

I'll check out the link later when I have time. I have to get out to the store before it gets too hot out there.

Michele said...

Welcome to my humble blog, Michelle!!
LOL, no thanks necessary for my doing what I LOVE to do, "share favorite things."
You provided an awesome opportunity to share something absolutely delicious!
I thank YOU!

You bet, Annalee! Yum,hmmmm

Welcome Stacy! Glad to meet another NK fan! I am so enthusiastic about him since reading Michelle's blog. I now can call myself a NK fan instead of just someone who breathes heavy over a mysterious, good looking and versatile cover model that no one could identify. Quite a mouthful, eh?
You have over 110?? Oh WOW!
I'm envious! *grin*

Michele said...

HI Eve!!! Yes!!! You'll be happy to have this one on your TBB list!

And please, DO check out the link. It's a great blog site even without the lure of Nathan.
And WHAT a lure he is....*giggle*

It's HOT where you are? Gee, it is only 46 degrees today and rainy. The trees are loving the rain though. I can tell.

Susie said...

Very nice indeed. I agree with your casting of Matt Bolt as a werewolf. There is a definate animal spirit lurking behind those features. The guy that caused my heart to skip a beat though is Toby Colthran, very nice. Thanks for sharing, yummmmm.

Michele said...

Hi Susie!!!
Thanks for stopping by! Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment, my Yahoo is doing weird things with my comment messages ..I'm not getting them anymore, including my own!!

I am SO happy to hear you had fun looking at those links. Made me grin when you agreed about Matt Bolt, LOL. Thanks!
And you are welcome. I LOVE to share good stuff. Drop by anytime!

Michele said...

Oh! and Susie, you are right about Toby, that second one is yummy!

Nate said...

How random that I ran across your blog... Sorry to hear that you are not too sure about me, I promise that I am not deadly. I am in LA doing film and television now, maybe someday soon you will be compelled to do a blog on another Nathan. :) Take care!

Nate Golon

Michele said...

Good Gravy!
What are the odds that you'd find my humble blog? Seriously, HOW did you do it?

Nate, don't feel bad about my comment. Truly, it was a compliment. If you know your James Bond films, only high powered actors were contracted to play the villans. They had to have "presence". For example, Robert Shaw. He played in some awesome films prior to JAWS.

So yeah, if you ever want to be *ahem* showcased on my blog... I'd do it. Let me know. *grin*
Best of luck to you and I hope to see you on the big screen!!