Friday, October 06, 2006

Fur Just in case

Just in case book lists bore you and my previous post wasn't anything to say "Cheers!" to, please allow a moment for an odious discussion.

Personally, I think it's hysterical.

Hairy manly chests.

I read on a news site this week that defurred men were out and pelts were in.

I was giggling hysterically.

Oh yeah, like I Luurve to vaccum the bathroom everyday and clean out the tub drain all the time and wake up with curly hairy bits all over me from a shedding He-Man. Never mind hair caught in your teeth ...hey! Get your mind out of the gutter. If it's all over the bed, don't you think some would fall in there while you all toss and turn through out the night? Geesh!

Pelt, schmelt ...

I mean, there is FUR and then there's


Then we proceed onto the reason why we are glad they invented

And Electrolux and .... well, you get the picture.

My question for you. Do you like Hair on the Chest of your Beloved or your hero???

How much is Too much?

Well, I guess I can help you answer the Too Much for you.... look at this and tell me.... is this OK only if you are a Were-being? Or is this a turn-on in real life?

Inquiring minds only want to know while peaking through the hands that are covering their eyes.


Brandy said...

Okay, the last picture, ewwwwwwwww! I don't quite know how to answer this question. Because Dh has one, and I've never had experience with the other. But, it is a GOOD QUESTION! If it' just for looking, like on your blog, I'd say none.

word veri:sxysy, sexy see!

M.E Ellis said...

Prefer with hair.

Without looks so odd to me!


Annalee Blysse said...

I was watching Austin Powers the other night. Not the whole thing. I always get a kick out of the heart hair on his chest.

Michele said...

Brandy, My personal opinion is that there is more fur out there than not. I prefer fur, even though I have to vaccuum a lot. *grin*
Oooh, I love it when Word Verf cooperates.

Well said, M.E.!

ROTFL! Annalee, I remember that scene. Too darned funny. Thanks for reminding me of that movie I'm smiling big.

Farm Girl said...

I have always preferred no hair. I just find it more appealing.

Gregg said...

Michele- I am so glad to hear that furry chests are back in. I was getting tired of being unattractive ;-) gregg