Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Modem Crisis

Guess what? I'm at work updating my Blog because I can no longer do it from home. So, for those of you who email me personally and you've sent me emails,

Over the weekend:
Our Septic pump shorted out
My car got a flat tire.
My modem in my year old computer stopped working. Kaput! I can't get online at all. A tech has to come to my home in the next 7 - yep, you read it right, SEVEN days. I am without online access!

So don't give up on me, please!

I can only do this at work, once. I think. I am SO glad I AM at work so at least I have this chance to let you know about the chaos in my life.

I hope Yours is no where near as... um..expensive as this weekend has turned out to be.

The GOOD news? The computer is under the extended warranty that we bought - Yahoo! AND


Sounds like I've got more Tricks than Treats, doesn't it????

Until whenever I can get back online!!! TTFN
sOUAumuis turningknve


Mailyn said...

oh man that sucks!!! I was once w/o internet when I changed providers for almost a month or so. it was torture! hope you get it back soon!


Brandy said...

You've heard all about stuff around here. I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble plaguing you! Happy Halloween, sounds like the perfect night to curl up with all the candy your kids "can't" have!

Bonnie Ferguson said...


Happy Halloween though :)

Anonymous said...

This is Michele

Thanks, Mailyn, Brandy and Bonnie!

Have to tell you, my makeup for Halloween was SO good, my DH couldn't look at me, freaked him out. LOL!

No pictures though. No one remembered a camera. Darn.

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Kristen Painter said...

Oh man, sorry to what a crappy weekend you had - and I'm extra sorry to hear about the modem! Good to know it's still under warranty, tho!

Hang in there, you'll up to snuff in no time.

Shesawriter said...

Crap, Michele. Hope it all turns around for you soon.


Robin Caroll said...

OUCH...hate those pc issues!

Jill Monroe said...

I am so so sorry. This hurt for me to read it, so I can imagine how you're feeling.

Michele said...

Hey, Kristen! Thanks for the sympathy!
Good news, I'm back a day or two earlier than expected. Whee!
I guess that means I'm up to snuff now *giggle*

Tanya! I wish I had something a bit more fun for you to see when you visited instead of this lament. Things are looking up.
Thanks for visiting!

Robin - Yep, so do I but I love it when repairs are under warranty. *whew!*

Jill - Thanks. Feeling MUCHO better . Can't wait until I have something lighthearted to share with you next time you visit. Thanks Jill. hugs!