Friday, October 27, 2006


A SPAM for Southbridge Ethanol was couched in this rather elaborate spoof of imaginative babble.

Since when do they have a sense of humor and of the bizzare?

What do YOU think??? I'm sharing this because as embarassing as it may be to admit this, I was amused and chuckled at a few spots.


Now and then, a movie theater conquers an annoying mating ritual. The anomaly toward the cloud formation hesitates, because a garbage can around some tomato non-chalantly organizes an abstraction about the razor blade. A pork chop defined by a razor blade, another tomato, and some cyprus mulch living with a cowboy are what made America great! Any plaintiff can carelessly require assistance from a skinny cashier, but it takes a real scooby snack to dance with the power drill. Now and then, the fairy toward some short order cook knows a mating ritual
A steam engine defined by the prime minister ruminates, but an accurately tattered garbage can inexorably plays pinochle with the hockey player living with another eggplant. The spartan squid plays pinochle with another slow defendant. An asteroid rejoices, and the dolphin toward the sheriff pours freezing cold water on a green cough syrup. A cargo bay greedily operates a small fruit stand with the apartment building behind a hockey player. The linguistic hockey player is usually spartan. Now and then, a prime minister finds subtle faults with the warranty. A blood clot is resplendent. Furthermore, a carpet tack starts reminiscing about lost glory, and a tripod often throws a wedding dress toward a grain of sand at a blithe spirit and a revered polar bear Now and then....

I highlighted in red the parts that I thought were just plain silly.

Is this like....Mad Magazine meets Monty Python? **giggle**

Too weird!

What can a REAL writer do with this? How could you explain about the Cargo Bay or the tripod wearing a wedding dress?

Then of course, it begs the question, Why would you? **shrug**

To Top it??


At least they have good taste in watching Scooby Doo!!


Bonnie Ferguson said...

The Scooby snack dancing with the power drill was my favorite }:)

Michele said...

Bonnie!! I agree. Can't imagine it being possible but the visual imagery is funny. **grin**
So glad to see you.

El Capitan said...


Bailey Stewart said...

Now, this is spam - I don't think I'd want to tackle it.

BTW - speaking of spam ... it's baaaack!

Brandy said...

Whoa, could you imagine if a polar bear caught the wedding dress? *g* Did love the mention of Scooby!

Michele said...

El Capitan .... Oooookay.
Taking SPAM to new heights aren't you? Or lows.......*cough*

Bailey!! No way! You'd have a field day with this...oh alarm clocks! You're right, not the right stuff ...*grin*

Brandy! Would the polar bear wear white? Teehee.... and Howdy to another Scooby fan!