Friday, October 20, 2006

The Whole F'n Story

Have I told you yet how much I like my new boss?

She is fair, enthusiastic and has a great sense of humor.

On Thursday, she had me in a fit of giggles. I'm itchin' to share it with you.

Seems she likes her coffee. Nothing strange there, many of us do.

There are those of us who drink while we work at our computers, being careful to place our cups out of the path of our keyboards should anything tip, splash or topple.

You know what's coming, don't you?

Yep, it happened. Even though the lid was on good and tight, a spray came out of that little hole at the top and a dollap landed directly onto the keyboard in her laptop.

Major OOOPS!

What happens with liquid and keyboards? Nothing good. Usually nothing funny either. Leave it to my new boss to find the funny in a frantic situation.

As she quickly dabbed at the liquid trying to minimize the damage, she noticed that the focus of the liquid arc ended up being the letter F. The key popped off as she was wiping it but she wasn't too worried. She could type without the cap.

Guess what?

She could type without typing too. The only problem with this new development is that it kept typing the same letter.

F's all over the screen!!! She had an F'n problem.


We razzed her about her F'n computer all day. **gg**

Oh, yea, there was a lotta F'n going on in that room ... Teehee/snort.

Of all the letters to get stuck and repeat all by itself, it had to be F.

You couldn't plan that if you tried.

Didn't this make you smile?

I hope so, because I have a question for you.

If you were there, What F'n lines would you have come up with?

We could have some fun with this innocent snafu.

Wanna play???


Mailyn said...

I loved that! That was so funny and you are so right, you couldn't get that if you tried. F!!!!! LOL

Brandy said...

Too funny. Wish my Boss (me)was as relaxed!
Have an F'n good day!

M.E Ellis said...


Glad to hear your F'n job is going so F'n well!


Michele said...

**giggle** I am so glad you see the "funny" in this too, Mailyn.

It was too perfect to keep it all to myself. I like to laugh with other people.

LOL! too! *snicker*

M.E. - Whoa, you got into the F'n, swing of it, *chuckle*

Thanks for visiting, Mailyn, Brandy and M.E.

Robin Caroll said...

Freakily funny, friend.

Annalee Blysse said...


I need a new keyboard. I have an M'N problem.

The paint is gone from those two, and half-gone from several others. F is one of the only fully-functional keys left.

I can type well enough if I get my fingers in the right place to begin with.

Jill Monroe said...

That was a f'n hilarious story!!

Michele said...

LOL, Nice Alliteration, Robin!!

An M'n problem?? **giggle**, Cute, Annalee! I hope you are able to get a new keyboard soon! Who knows what letter mayhem is next ...

Thanks, Jill! Happy to see you and glad you got a chuckle out of your visit today. *grin*