Friday, October 13, 2006


FYI folks. Taking a break from blogging. Didn't want you to think that I'm gonzo.

Guess what? My DH went somewhere the other day and just missed meeting Gary Burghof ( that guy from MASH) by only a minute or two. OH! to be so close to a famous person, and yet so far! Everyone was abuzz about it.

I have to get my pics developed so you can see the snake that got into my house. Cute little thing, even cuter when they are outside where they belong.

Anyone read Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas? Yep, I'm a converted Kleypas fan. I got the book at my library sale the other day. Have I ever said how much I like that bi-annual event? Wow!

Isn't that amazing about all that snow in Buffalo, NY? They can keep it. I don't want THAT four letter word near me anytime soon ...until AFTER Thanksgiving. *grin*

I'm still liking my new job. Never dull, never predictable and always a challenge. AND I got some really cool NEW clothes - four dress shirts and a nice long brown dress with a leopard print jacket, all for $65.00. I love a bargain!

Actually, now I can start to indulge my passion of shopping. Woot! I used to own 15 pairs of shoes when I used to work for the bank years ago. I had green, yellow, orange, brown, blue, stiletto Red and basic black shoes. I was SUCH a shoe queen. I hope to get back in step with my inner shoe girl soon. However, you see Jimmy Choos on MY feet. I'm very rough and tumble with my footwear. Ol' Jimmy couldn't keep up and I'm not forking out that kinda dough for wimpy shoes.

I'm a frugal Yank! *grin*

OK, I hope I've given enough cerebral diahrea to entertain you. Have a great weekend all!


Anonymous said...

The Devil in Winter is awesome! I love the Wallflower series :)

Mailyn said...

First, Devil in WInter, read my review, read Dance chica's review, in fact, most people I think have a review of this because it's awesome! So yeah, loved it.

Second, shoeaholic right here witcha! I can't seem to stop buying shoes even when I don't need or can't use them anywhere. LOL.

And last, hiatus, I hope to see you soon but take your time! I think it happens to most people in blogland at one point or another. Do take care and keep us posted on how you are doing at least from time to time. Just to let us know all is well. :-)

Brandy said...

I'm going to miss yu. Great going on the clothes and books! WTG! As for shoes, sounds like my MIL and you have something in common. I think she has over 30 pair. Have fun!!

Annalee Blysse said...

I love buying shoes too, but most of my purchases don't get worn. I have a pair of tennis shoes and flats I wear all the time (and need replacing) and the rest get dusted occasionally. Today in fact, two pairs of those clunky high heels I love but never wear are sitting beneath my computer table and looking ready to dust. Desert living will do that. Have a nice break.

Rayke said...

I too, am a shoe whore. I believe there is some sort of counseling available.

Woot? Cerebral diahrea? Your lexicon has thoroughly amused me tonight. Not many people can make "diahrea" sound somewhat sophisticated.

Michele said...

I hear you Bonnie. It is a great series!
Thanks for dropping by!

LOL, Mailyn! Glad to see you! I went on a mini vaca- can't wait to develop the film I took.
Ah, fellow shoe lover. *grin*
I can't stay away from blogland for too long,.... withdrawal, you know?

/Brandy! I'm like your MIL? Egads! Trying to give me a complex???LOLOL

*giggle** Annalee - you DUST your shoes? You have WAY too many, woman! *grin*

Rayke! A guy as a "shoe whore" ... ?That I HAVE to see... have any pictures? *grin*

Thanks for the compliment...I think.

Hey, y'all didn't catch my blooper. I meant to say that you'd NEVER catch me in Jimmy Choo's. I was waiting to read about a wet noodle coming my way ... you guys are too nice.