Monday, October 23, 2006

The Price of Thanks

Hearing the price of something can sound dire. Perhaps the cost isn't in money but in "doing" - giving of your time, efforts - yourself.

Some people are threatened by paying the cost for that something or just plain scared. Or, they can be accepting.

Put me in the column under Accepting.

I am awed that my friend has enough trust in me to recommend me for the job I now have, knowing how close we'd be working together. There is pressure there; not to let her down, to be worthy of this trust in me and our friendship and show the best of my work ethic.

That "pressure" is part of the cost, and I'll gladly pay it.

There is a more overt part of the cost that needs to be addressed. To verbally or visibly thank her.
I thought long and hard about my options. Let's face it, a card just isn't enough. I even picked her DH's brain about what would be the best way to show my gratitude and appreciation.

Believe it or not, husbands are good for things other than the obvious. Try Spousal information. He said the best thing for her was to take her out, away from the kids and home and just relax. He even said that for this, he'd make sure he was avaliable to watch the kids. Whoa.

It was a great idea.
I could do that!

I did it. Last night. I took her to a Portuguese restaurant and treated her to whatever she wanted.

Since it's been AGES since I've gone to a fancy restaurant myself, it was fun.
I want to share our menu choices with you.

HO HUM you say? *shrug*, Maybe ... but man! were my tastebuds happy.

First we started with a glass of white wine. Don't ask me the name, I couldn't pronounce it, never mind spell it. I will say that I liked it just fine.

Did you know that Tappas is Portuguese for Appetizers?

We started with Seven types of olives.
I was in shock!
You mean there are more than just green or black olives out of a jar from a grocery store?

That was ... interesting. ( she took the rest home)

Then we split the yummiest Crab Canape (was 2 1/2 inches thick) that was drizzled with house seasoned mayonaise and served on a bed of arugula.

Oh WOW! Tastebud Happy Dance.! No more cheap canapes for me. THIS was exquisite.

Then we had hot Pumpkin Soup with Cranberry Relish mixed in. Can you say Puurrrr?? It was a gastronomic delight. Too bad they didn't have free seconds. *grin*

Our entre came next. She ordered Blackened Scallops with a fancy rice (nearly burned my mouth off (SPICY) - we traded food so we could get an idea of the menu choices) and I ordered Steak Tips in Parmesansauce with a side of pasta and sun dried tomatoes. (humming in pleasure with this one)

The sad part? We couldn't finish it all so we had to take the famous "doggie bag" home.

Oh darn, that means I have to eat a fancy lunch for work on Tuesday. Gee, the hardship.


Too stuffed.

She had a good time and I thanked her again for the job offer.

I think that covered all the bases, don't you think?

As for the financial cost?

Um, well, let's just say that it's money well spent. *wink*


Brandy said...

You didn't have room for dessert? Oh, the travesty!! *g* Glad to hear you found a way to show Thanks to your friend.

Robin Caroll said...

No dessert? Oh my! That's un-American, and definitely not of the female way! LOL

Mailyn said...

That was so nice of your friend and of you for taking her out. :-)

Farm Girl said...

It sounds like you had a great time. I think I would have passed on dessert too. I would rather stuff myself on good food.

Bailey Stewart said...

Sounds like a great time - and a wonderful idea! Glad you are enjoying the job.

Annalee Blysse said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening to me. :)