Sunday, December 10, 2006

I had a WHOOPS moment

I'll be brave and share it with you.

As you may be aware, I'm on MySpace. They have initiated a new feature, their own IM product.

So, I downloaded it and sent a bulletin out to the 40 friends I have listed. Only three have activated the program so my options of chatting are severely limited.

Imagine my surprise tonight when I connected!

Oh, was I excited. I got to talk books! Romance books. My MySpace "friend" reads Nora Roberts. So we started comparing notes on authors and themes. I had mentioned that I enjoy romances that have Navy SEALs.

I was asked what the allure was about Navy SEAL romances.

My response garnered this comment, "SEALs do tend to have it all, smart, built as well as usually dark and handsome."

Oh , yes, this fellow reader new what was what.

I agreed and said that I enjoyed sexy vampires, werewolves and a sexy elf thrown in for good measure too . We talked paranormal romances versus contemporaries.

So, there I was, typing blythly along when WHAM! One little phrase made me sit up and take notice.

Guess what?

My IM MySpace friend?

WAS A GUY!!!!!!!!!!


Frantically I'm rereading all that I wrote about sexy Vikings, Vampires and muscle cars and I'm starting to blush to the roots of my hair.
Oh my!

A guy who reads romance? Ima thinking maybe he's going to make a wonderful and attentive husband someday.

I keep telling myself this to help get over the mortification.

So, um, this is funny, right?


Brandy said...

ROFL!!! Hahaha! Of course it's funny. But, not at you. With you! Um, yeah he's going to make "somebody" a very good husband one day. Who knows if it's a lucky woman, or a thunderstruck male.

Jill Monroe said...

YES! It's very funny.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Oh, my, yes, Michele! That most definitely IS funny! :-D

Bailey Stewart said...

I know of two men who write romances - (I can't remember the first two initials) Casper, who writes Harlequin SuperRomances, and Leigh Greenwood who writes great western historical ones.

But that is funny.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, and I plan to download the IM thing after I get to feeling better and my computer problems clear up entirely.

Gregg said...

"A guy who reads romance? Ima thinking maybe he's going to make a wonderful and attentive husband someday." or maybe he's gay.

Michele said...

Brandy! A "thunderstruck" male?? Tee and Hee. That one gave me the chuckles. Thanks for laughing with me! ;-)

Jill, *grin*, Thanks!

Daisy! Ah! the Queen of funny. Thank you. *VBG*

Bailey - Some one recently gave me a detailed heads up on two guys who write romances. I have to remember which blog I saw it on. Then I have to copy/paste it so I don't forget. That info is gold!
Thanks for your list !

Oh, and I look forward to IMing with you. That'd be super fun!

Gregg! **giggle**, What is it with you guys?? I mean, why does a guy have to be gay to read a hot romance book? Couldn't he be lookin' for tips?
Or, is that "looking for love in all the wrong places ...?


Gregg, SO happy to see you pop in. Thanks!

Annalee Blysse said...

So he's single? ;)