Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Test of Personality

Do you have any time to waste?
A pencil and paper?

Try this Tibetin Personality Quiz.
I'll let you know what I got.

I have pride in my family, but career comes before love, but thankfully, Money comes last.

My personality is furry, my partner is cute, sex is my nirvana and my life is pleasant.

I botched the colors as far as I'm concerned. And my lucky number? Ha! Only if that was my harem.

It didn't take long to do this. Even with Dial-up.
I hope you get more entertaining results than me.

Dang, I almost did resluts again. Must be all that thinking of Nirvana.


Brandy said...

Okay girly, I did it too. I have pride before family, love before career and place money last. My personality is "smelly" (wth) and my lovie is soft, my enemies are 'yucky', my love life is 'yummy' and my life is 'salty' (strange!) As for the colors, almost all were correct except it placed my MIL as my best friend (WTH???), it did get my sweetie right though! Very intersting. Thanks for the fun quiz, and by the way, I know you've been busy, but I miss ya!

Mailyn said...

I went to take the test and the greem screen of death blinded me. LOL. I can't get the test tp work as well for some reason. O_o

Gangadhar said...

'll try this,michele..
hava great weekend

Michele said...

You life is "salty"??? Way unusual. Salt of the Earth type stuff you think?
Very cool.

Thanks for sharing your results Brandy. Awww, and thanks for missing me.

Mailyn, oh No! It didn't work? Drat. It's a cute quiz too. Maybe it takes awhile to load?? Pooh, I'd LOVE to know your answers. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks, Gangadhar, I hope you have a great weekend too AND that the quiz link works for you.
Let me know.