Monday, December 18, 2006

Where's the snow?

The snow most certainly can't be found on this side of the country.

It's been balmy and warm. Flies still manage to find their way indoors to buzz and bug us ad naseum. Despite the lights, the music, the crowded malls and the money flying out of our bank accounts with disturbing ease, The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

Today, me and my friend, "P", whom I've not seen since Halloween, went out to breakfast then shopping. At the moment we started backing out of our parking spot to head home, I noticed this little old lady struggling to get a box out of a shopping cart. The long box was almost as big as she was! I could see that she wasn't having an easy time of it, so pointed her out to "P" and said,

" I think she's going to need help."

That's all I had to say.
"P" parked that truck so fast, I had whiplash. LOL

I got out and offered her my help.
Nothing lights up your day more than seeing a sweet smile of surprise on the recipient of your good intentions.
She was so grateful and her hearty "Merry Christmas!" had more meaning in it than the phrase had only five minutes before.

This qualifies as one of M's Favorite Things.

The day couldn't get much nicer ... or so I thought.

I checked my mail box when I got home and something wonderful was waiting.

My blog buddy, Brandy, sent me a little surprise!! Which means that my day got even better.

What was inside?

A beautiful book mark! How well she knows me. *grin*
It's a perfect fit.


and a box of irrisistable diet busting candy from SEEs!!! You have NO idea how hard it is to get SEEs candy around here. The last time I had some of their candy was ..... oh, about three years ago.

So for all the blogworld to see, I say , "THANK YOU, BRANDY!"

I'm continually humbled by the wonderful people that populate blogland.

How'd I get so lucky??

If I figure out how my new Christmas present works from my DH, I might post a picture of the book mark!!

Hope your shopping is almost done!
The reindeer are getting anxious. *gg*


Brandy said...

Good girl! You remembered to help someone. In our busy fast paced days soemtimes we forget Glad you liked the candy and bookmark!
(I remember this picture!) Isn't it lovely.

Anonymous said...

It's strange not to have any snow on the ground!

Jill Monroe said...

It's rainy and dreary here in Oklahoma : ( 70s last week. Sigh.

Still have 2 more gifts to buy!!!

Michele said...

You remember this pic? I don't...where from, Brandy?
I'm a "good girl"? Sometimes...*wink*

Bonnie, are you saying you don't have any either? It is VERY strange for this time of year. I hope we have some just to flavor Christmas. ;-)

Jill! 70's? Oh, we weren't THAT balmy. Only in the 50's, but since the average in low 30's, I'll take the 50's. LOL
But rain? Not very holidayish is it.
Good luck in getting the last two presents, Jill. Hope they're on sale! *grin*

Brandy said...

I posted this picture last year, I found it online when looking for a picture of those silly upside down Christmas trees.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Unfortunately we don't have any...and we should! There was a nice amount in November but the rain has washed it all away.