Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm a RBL

You didn't know that about me did you?
That I was a RBL.

Romance Book -lover.

Sure you did. What you may not know, and only care about if you are a romance book reader, is that there is a site out there in Blogland that caters to the author and reader alike. It's a very well mannered but highly energetic group of women who know how to enjoy all aspects of romance novels.

A lady I met two years ago who owns a UBS introduced me to it.
On Romance by the Blog, Michelle B's site, she had romantica, erotic romance authors visiting to give us their understanding of that part of the genre. Jaid Black was there, Robin Schone and Emma Holly.

Pretty high powered stuff. Look in my links under Michelle B's blog and you'll get to see it.

The reason I'm bringing up the RBL aspect is that Emma Holly IS a RBL. If I'm not mistaken, so is Karen Marie Moning. Right now, we are voting on the best male model. The contest is only days away from closing. There are 4 finalists. Adrian Paul and Nathan Kamp being my favorite two to choose from.

Are you curious about the best kept secret for Romance Book Fans out there?

Remember, this place is fun BUT respectful. They don't allow snarkiness because once you are there for awhile, you are like family. These ladies see the best in people and are supportive when bad things hit the "family". You just want to cyber-hug all of them. I've even met a fellow RBL - and they are as sweet in person as they are online.

Visit a RBL today!

Just so you can see what is a stake here, these are three out of the four nominees:

What do you think???


Marg said...

You know I have been going to visit the RBL site occasionally for about...I don't know....18 months, and I have never posted! Don't know why that is!

Brandy said...

Now that I knwo about it, I'll be sure to look it up. But, only if it won't bug ya! Thanks for the lovely pics!!!!

Kelli McBride said...

Definitely Adrian Paul (who would have made a great James Bond). Our friend Rinda once sent me, as a birthday gift, a very tantalizing and explicit picture of Adrian. We're still not sure if that was his real...body.

Michele said...

LOL, Marg! I can tell you that I was a lurker for quite awhile. Posting seems confusing as first. Turns out that you write your entire note in the first line, NOT in the body of the message - if you are replying to a comment. Otherwise it won't show.

If you are making the initial post, then you can type into the message body and the whole thing will appear.

Yeah, it is confusing until you do it a few times and you see how it works.
But don't be a lurker all the time, Marg. Comment - they love Newbies!!

Brandy! WHY would it bug me? I probably just intro'd you to a new cyber addiction! **giggle** and what out for that wallpaper they have. Hot Tamales!

Kelli! You know, you are right about him being James Bond. I've always was under the impression that Adrian looked like a young Sean Connery. And I adore Sean Connery!
Ooooh, on the pic. You lucky lady!
So what if all of it wasn't ...his..*ssizzzle*,
I bet it made for some inspired fantasies ... *wink*

Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like a great place, and a nice break from so many snarky online communities!

Thanks for the hint.

Bailey Stewart said...

I've always thought that Adrian Paul was a cutie.

Michele said...

Devon, you're Welcome! Lurk for a bit and check it out. I think you'll have fun!

Bailey, yep, he is. Someone told me that there was going to be a new Highlander Movie coming out next year. Did you know that?