Friday, December 02, 2005

What to say today...hmmmm

It's beginning to look a lot like .... a merchandising free-for-all.
Have you seen all the lit-up figurines littering the lawns, porches and parks of America?

Deer, grazing or standing sentry, stationary or motorized
Trees, now with multiple color changes,
The Santa going SPLAT into a tree (my personal giggle)
The icicles...white was OK, but PURPLE????

The inflatables have joined in over the past 2 years. I've seen Winnie the Poo,
Santa, Frosty and an elf or two, but what is with the Homer Simpson Blowup Christmas lawn ornament??? I'd use that for a punching bag, not an ornament denoting Christmas.... IMHO.

I do enjoy the new one this year. A life sized glass looking ornament with blowing styrofoam pebbles inside falling in glee like a giant snow globe. That could appeal to me .
When you drive by, count how many of these things people have at $40.00 a pop. I counted one house in my neighberhood having 8 blow-up lawn ornaments = $320 USA dollars. That doesn't count all the lights, wreaths, bows and banners. Add that to the purchase price of the gifts they might shell out for AND add the rising cost of electricity... Man O' Man...this Christmas season has the green flying out of our pockets faster than they can be worked for.

No wonder, crime is up. The East Coast is dealing with a very complex and savvy bunch of jewel thieves...estimated grab, around 5 Million give or take a watch or two. No leads yet. The news reports say the economy is doing great, everything is great this holiday season so step right up and support the economy and continue its growth by buying, spending and charging.
Sounds like a touch of insanity.
A touch of greed.
A light brush of desparation.

Blow-up figurines, lights, the trappings and garnish of the Holidays veiwed on the outside of our homes is not representative of the Christmas spirit within. That is harder to see, only felt with the gathering of friends and family in our inner circles. The card made by a child to a beloved grandparent, the cookies with tiny finger prints dotting the surface along with the sprinkles decorating them, earmarked for "Santa's cookies and Milk" offering. Those are the little things.

Listening to the music that touches our hearts...not the smarmy pop star of the moment's rendition, but the classics that have notes and voices that raise the little hairs on the back of our necks as we shiver with the truth, and the truth brings tears to our eyes, hope to our hearts and reminds us the "Reason behind the Season".

There are a few different celebrations going on around the same time as the Christain Christmas and all have elements in them that speaks to the strength of family and their connections.

Merchandising would have us forget that. Or attach it to buying the Biggest item, the Most expensive Item.
Love is expensive. Its cost = trust.
Trust is a BIG item. Lack of it costs too much to the human condition. We lose so much with out its influence. When we trust, we believe.
I do not trust the merchants. I do not believe that buying what they advertise with bring happiness.

Only WE can do that...person to person. Trust, love, belief; no one owns these. They are in each

and every one of us. We all have talents to share that create that Christmas/Holiday meaning for our family, for ourselves and for our friends.

I hope you can tune out the trappings and tune into the people in your life that make your days better by just walking your life's path with you.

Yes, heavy topic for someone who sat down and had no clue what I wanted to blab about.
If I turned you off...sorry.
I do enjoy viewing the Christmas lights at night. There IS beauty there....but Homer Simpson??
Come on!!!!


Gregg said...

Michele- hmmmm. so are you giving trust and love for christmas? sounds kinda cheap. i'd rather have an i-pod :-)

Michele said...

LOL, Gregg!

Naw...Love and trust comes with the package. It's in the wrapping.

Yeah, I guess I was on a soap box..comes from watching too many ad's on TV and being hounded,
I Want! That, quick Look, Look!
I Want.....
It does this and that....*sigh* Gets to you sometimes.
NOT a good idea to blog with the TV on in the background.....
i-pods are cool. I "want" one too, but I'll settle for ...
well, that's personal. *grin/wink*
Thanks for actually reading my POV.
For that, Santa should be VERY good to you!!!! :-)

Brandy said...

Michele, I totally agree with you. Hope my rant a few days ago didn't make you depressed. I remember when as a child we would make gifts and cards for family, when decorations were a wreath on the door and a tree in the house. Now stores start selling decoratios in September and ads for the holidays start the day after Halloween. What I love most about the Holidays is the music. Not the pop smarmy stuff, but Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby. It's time to dig out the seasonal movies: National Lampoons Christmas, Holiday Inn, White Christmas,How the Grinch Stole Christmas(the cartoon), Christmas with the Kranks AND A Christmas Story. But, I'm hiding the BB gun! Try and see the small joys of the season. (sorry comment's so long)

Gangadhar said...

My advance Christmas greetings for you,Michele...Have a wonderful shopping...

take care

Mel Francis said...

Okay folks, line up to throw cyberpies at me.

I love the commercialization of Christmas. I love the lights, the sounds, the cheesy decor, the fake snow, the purple icicles..all of it.

To me it just adds to what Christmas is, family, and celebration.

I know, I'm leaving out "Jesus is the reason for the season." Hmmm. Not for me. Spirituality is a year round thing. Christmas is for everyone, nowdays. It's not just for christians. Sure, it gives christians the cherry on top for their holiday, but now, EVERYONE can participate in Christmas.

And I love that. At least once a year, almost the entire world is spending time with their family and enjoying the holiday.

There's nothing wrong with scaled down Christmas. One year, we made all our decorations for the tree and the house. That was a blast. This year, we'll rival The Griswalds because we love that, too. But the kids know it's not about the gifts, it's about togetherness. And honestly, I think the commercialization has helped that to happen for a lot of people.

It makes it fun and sparkly.

Wow. This was longer than I'd meant for it to be. LOL

Sorry, M.


Michele said...

LOL, Brandy. Rants don't make me depressed, they make me think, "Do I agree, or Don't I agree?"
And if I don't, do I put in my 2 cents worth?

As far as finding the small joys of the season. NO problem. My , unexpected rant, was based on a mood I was in, focused on a certain aspect of the moment.
So far, everyone's comments have balanced the "see'saw" affect. That's cool.

Thanks for the early Christmas wishes, Gangadahr! That's so nice of you. I send Christmas cheer and tidings back at you! :-)

Mel, o' are welcome to have a difference of opinion.
No cyberpies for you, my friend. How about a nice cuppa of Hot Mulled Cider while seated before a roaring fire with your feet propped up and a hunky elf helper serving you a plate of cider donuts for your munching pleasure?
You obviously have perfect balance of the Christmas you should reap the rewards. yes?

Long, short, no matter the comment, Mel. You're always welcome. :-)

Avindair said...

I'm with you on this, Michele. Thing is, when I think about the thirty-five other Christmases that I can remember I really don't see things being that different. Christmas for my generation has always been about things, and sadly not about people.

I wish I could say that I think this sucks, but the fact of the matter is that it's just always been the way it is for me. As such I kind of shrug it off as being normal.

My in-laws love to remind me of how they'd be lucky to get one toy for Christmas as kids. They always do this as our kids are opening their third or fourth present. Yeah, guilt is a great thing to give kids during the holiday. :-/

Of course, I'm the worst offender in the stuff-giving department. I love getting stuff for my family and friends because they deserve to be shown how much I appreicate them.

No real point here except to say that, though I agree with you, I kind of just accept it as part of the season.

Michele said...

Yes, indeed, Avindair. Sure, I accept it. And when the snow is gently falling and the holiday lights glow brightly, reflecting off of the crystals, I'll be the first to admit their beauty and the gladness I feel while viewing its splendor.

I think gift giving amongst family and friends is OK. I hope my message was clear that I was only targeting the outside decor excess....I believe it was seeing the Homer Simpson blow up Holiday thingy that got me started. The Simpsons are not , in anyway, a representative of what the "spirit of Christmas" is all about.
What you described was quite beautiful. Of course you want to see the smiles of your kids when they open up their presents. That's the joy of being a parent. When something You do, makes them smile, Their Smile is their gift back to You! Sweet.

Your in-laws (pardon the comment) sound like they enjoy being "martyrs"...fine for them, but nothing can compare to your kid's joy. And if you can give them more than one present, why not? No guilt.
You're doing it out of love.
How can anyone gripe about that?
Well..I guess they can..but geesh!
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas and enjoy the joy of your kids, Avindair.
In my book, you're A-OK!!

Avindair said...

Thanks, Michele. :)

Okay, back to work for me... ;)