Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A bad hair day in stride

You've heard of waking up on the wrong side of the bed?

We all have days like that.

Days when opening our eyes to squint bleary-eyed at the clock is just too much effort.
Afternoons where time drags on and on and on.
Early evenings when the traffic on the other side is always going faster than you.
Nights that you eagerly look forward to because it means THE DAY IS OVER!

Some people have all the luck. And some don't .

Some people think facing their fears is the scariest thing they can do. It is. Hands down.

Sometimes though, bad luck days - well, I think they can make regular fears seem pale in comparison.

If you had to pic a Bad Hair Day from these pictures, Which one would you chose?

Come on ... Let's play!!!!!


Bailey Stewart said...

I'd go for the polar bear because at least I wouldn't be coughing on the verge of a heat induced asthma attack. I.hate.heat.

These are great Michele - thanks!

Brandy said...

The first picture of the lady with the wild hair reminds me of WHY I keep my hair braided most o the time!!!

Michele said...

Brandy and Eve, you guys have NO idea as to how much your visiting my blog today has meant to me.
Thank you.

Thank you.