Monday, September 25, 2006

An experiment

I found the cutest thing on one of my bars on my computer. I discovered a plethora of free screen savers. So cool and exciting. Another item of interest was weird and wacky cursers. I'm not too sure if they are going to work, but I'm game to try. So, bear with the chaos. Thanks!

I love a cat with good hygiene, don't you?


Bailey Stewart said...

Um, excuse me, I think there's a cat chasing the cursor - I'll be back when I'm through playing with it. LOL

Love the cat brushing it's teeth - hilarious.

Brandy said...

Love the cursor!!! Fun, fun. The pictures made me think if I'd forgotten something.....wait, I need to feed the cats! *g*

Mailyn said...

It doesn't seem to work in Firefox. God I hate IE. LOL.

Michele said...

Glad to hear you think its cute, Bailey and Brandy!

Oh, Mailyn, sorry to hear that. You're not missing much, truly. It's not like it is a pic of a real cat. Just a basick drawing chasing its tail.
Thanks for stopping by!

Beth said...

The fractions sign made me laugh, and so does the bulldog lounging in curlers on post below :-)