Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Now that school has started again, I have time to think.


No, not "why do I think", (smarty pants) but the question of "why?" as in " this or that. "

During my Google searches I've seen quite a few oddities and have come up with some questions.

Why is it that the majority of butt tattoos appear on female butts?


the exception

good advice

Why is there such a thing as Balloon sex? I'm not talking latex here - that I can get the gist of. But balloons? And NO, I'm not posting pics of that

- it's way too graphic. Ick.

OK. OK. You really want to see some, don't you ....? Fine.


Like I said. ICK!!!

And last question for the day.

Why do guys persist in needing such juvenile toys?

I mean, when they were babes, they had squeakie toys and rattles and do-dads that made chiming sounds. You'd think they would have outgrown these urges as adult men.

Alas, I've found that they never outgrow their squeakie toys.

Now, I ask you, WHY????


Mailyn said...


I think the question to ask is why men don't think with their brain. I think it would shed light on the mystery of the male gender if we could figure that one out. LOL.

Mel Francis said...

I think the balloons are a riot!

Brandy said...

Michele you alwyas find the most interesting things on-line! Um, the balloon sex is funny and yet gross at the same time.

Avindair said...

A former film-partner had a book about that defied explanation. Pony sex (where women dressed up like ponies, complete with bridals and, um, tails...yes, tails) was a big was balloon sex.

The pic that cracked me up was a guy busy, um, doing his thang with a huge balloon. This guy had the absolute proudest smile on his face. You could almost hear him saying "Look, ma! I'm boinking a balloon!"

No, I don't get it.

Mitch said...

The real question is, what on earth did you type into Google to find all these things? Oh - and why weren't you writing instead?

Michele said...

Mailyn! What's with the name change???? Spring Chicken?? ROTFL.
BTW- Good question. They DO think with their brains, just the wrong one. *wink*

Mel! *grin* Thanks!

Brandy - I had tons of fun looking though this stuff. Thanks for the compliment.

Avindair - Whoa. Really? WITH the tail? That's hysterical - **snicker** Neeeigh Baby! Neeeigh....!

Oh, as far as "ballooning around"? Uh, yep, saw lots of that. Very strange. Talk about the thrill of "doing it to you pop!" **giggle**

I don't "get it" either. Don't think I want to. :-)

Mitch! Wouldn't you like to know...**waggles brows**

Hey, I'm writing! Really! I just redid a short romance story, bumped it up to 1200 words.
Wanna see? I'd posted it here before, I think...oh!, maybe I didn't, it was the other site. Oh! I know what I'm going to post for tomorrow. Thanks Mitch!!!!!

Rayke said...

Hey, don't knock the squeaker till you "tried it". It's actually quite fun, in a walking down the street making creepy mouse-like noises from your pants type of way. People think you are smuggling a circus down there or something.

The best part is when I get to hit the showers with my friends @ the gym. Man, the looks they give are priceless...

Michele said...

Rayke!! Oh my gosh! You are cracking me up, ROTFL :-)

I can't stop laughing. I am SO glad you dropped by to share your insights.
**wipes tears from eyes**
Man, it's hard to catch your breath after you fall out of your chair laughing.

Great comment, Rayke!

M.E Ellis said...

OMG a coming balloon?

F'ks sake! Madness!