Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh Dear, life changes

Life is not stagnant - even when you want it to be.
Do nothing and the world goes on - it's up to you to be a partof it and meet the challenge of the ride or get off and, well, die.

Humans need stimulation. We are a social people, aren't we?

After 6 1/2 years of being stimulated by at-home antics, I'm rejoining the extended world of working moms.

Only part time, but it is a start. What that means is that I will not be the avid, zealous blogger that I've been since I started. I know that I will probably not be able to keep up with the 40 or so sites that I hop about in.

In advance, I extend my apologies and my sincere regret for the great blogs I'll miss - I'll see them , but not necessarily on a timely basis , i.e. contests, guest bloggers and stuff.

I may be relegated to, *gasp*, professional lurker.

It'll take me awhile to reconfigure and balance my home life, work life and church life.
Time to grow up. My conversation can no longer be restricted to potty humor, Pokemon and Maya and Miguel (PBS).

I will still try to write, but it will be more of a challenge to be consistent.
I'll be excercising my brain in a whole new way and I think I'll be fried for a bit, but I promise to continue, even if all I write is babble.

What is my schedule?
Monday - Church crafts - clean house And some Mondays has a movie group I 've joined
Tues, Wed, Thur -work
BUT - Wed is also Scripture study or Parish Council or Life Threatening Food Allergy meetings
Thursday is Woman's club meeting
Friday - Kitchen Sink day-clean, errands, appts, PM is Church Crafts
Saturday - Church Crafts/pie making/ jelly making

Our club has things going on.

Oct - Halloween party for all parish families
and we are putting on the reception after an Estate Planning seminar
Nov - is the big Taste of the Holidays that we are doing for the first time. So far we made Kitchen Angels. We will be making homemade dog bones. Already we've made Port Wine Jelly, Hot red pepper jam, Cinnamon jam and a bunch of others. We have apple, apple raisen, blueberry, peach and rhubarb pies.
We also take orders for the Thanksgiving holiday
Dec - we will do outreach to area schools for Christmas - for those kids that come from impoverished families, we will provide some toys, winter coats, under clothes if needed and a few other items of needed outerwear if indicated.
Jan is our "Thank goodness it's over" party after the holidays
Feb is my baby - Book swap. We ask that families clean out books that their kids no longer read. On the day of the event, we give them a bag and they fill it with whatever they want. No cost to anyone but a turning over of books to encourage reading. If someone only has one book to trade, doesn't matter. We encourage those that don't have a lot to come grab some books because reading is SO important - we should encourage it in our children.
What better way than FREE????
Whatever is left over, we donate to area shelters that assist kids.

THEN! Come February, I officially resign as president. After four years. I. Am. Done.

True, this is not busy compared to many women out there. But for me, this is busy.

I'm sure I've bored you to tears with the TMI of my life. But rest assured that even if I'm not actively blogging as I once was, you are in my thoughts ( "What am I missing????")

If anything, maybe I'll just put a :-) in the comment section so you know, like the Whos in Whoville, that "I'm here! I'm here!!!"

So, wish me luck as I dive off the deep end of my nervousness and tackle a new path in my life.


Brandy said...

I'm going to *sniffle sniffle* miss you!

Bailey Stewart said...

One professional lurker waving hi to another. (see me waving?)

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Wishing you lots of good luck, Michele :)

Michele said...

*grin* There's always email, Brandy. LOL

Bailey, Oh! That's you??? LOL
::waves back::

Thanks Bonnie!! I need all I can get. *grin*

Beth said...

Sounds amazingly busy to me!!! Perhaps you should post the recipe for homemade dog bones. Sounds intrigueing. And the Kitchen Angels - I'm sure you will now never look at that craft without feeling a tender place in your heart.

Michele said...

LOL @ the dog bones. Gotta make them first. I had a hard time finding "cracked wheat" .. I was told that I could switch it for Bulger Wheat, it was the same thing. Just found that today so in the next two weeks we're going to fit that in. The recipe makes about 8 dozen doggie snacks!

And you're right, They will be special... gotta buy one of the ones she made before the "sale" ...
nothing wrong with being sentimental, is there?

Thanks Beth!!

Avindair said...


I understand all about life-changes (as you well know)!

This sounds like a great move for you!

As for me, well, I was extended an additional month on my six-month contract at the Land of Concentric Circles...but it's not much of a win. I haven't done any real writing here since June, and have instead been doing Business Analyst work. That would be great if I were a BA...but I'm a tech writer, darn it!

I'm actually considering going part-time as a -- ready for this -- video game salesman while I take a couple of courses over the next year to beef-up some of my creative skills (Flash and Industrial Design). Sure, 40 is a weird age to do that...but it's also exciting and fun. :)

Good luck!