Wednesday, September 27, 2006

95 and still going

Ya know, at MY age, you'd think I'd seen it all.

But I gotta tell you, some things still manage to surprise me.

Some good, some .... not so good.

Take my friend's son. He finally thought he found the perfect woman. We were all happy for him.

Now, he's in thereapy.

I turned 95 the other day and my friends had gotten on the internet to cruise for something special for me to wear.

Mad Maddie said she found the PERFECT gift for me. She guaranteed it would make me feel young and frisky again. Oh Wow! Something from that saucy Victoria's Secret I was sure .....
We don't call her Mad Maddie for nothing....

Yep, turning 95 is the pits when the only firm and hard thing I can get excited about are party hats with pics of delicious younger men .

*sigh* The good old days, when the hat covered the man, ( Or not, if we were really lucky) -

I heard there's a movement ( I love movements, more than ever before)
that has people using rubber in interesting ways. Frisky Fred came by the other day to demonstrate.
Have to admit, he's got great traction.
Hey, at my age .... you can't be picky, cuz I'm runnin' outta men to pick.


Brandy said...

*g* Girl, you have the best imagination!! I loved this pictoral story!

Michele said...

**grin** Thanks, Brandy! I had fun playing around with the pictures. Glad you liked it. :-)

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I’m playing catch-up for a while tonight because I haven’t visited my favorite blogs is soooo long. Loved this post (ooh, the rubber guy is such a sexy thing, isn’t he?) and the post before it with the dog in curlers and the nasty, nekkid old men. Oh, and that billboard! Eeek! LOL

Big hugs on losing your friend recently, Michele.

Good luck on the new direction in your life. And don’t worry about being a professional lurker--I’m afraid I’m in the same boat as you! ;-)

Michele said...

LOL, Daisy!

So glad you stopped by and got to see my latest silly. Frisky Fred has one more picture that I'm itchin' to share ... just need to find the right ...*ahem* vehicle.

Thanks for the hugs about my friend. It still feels pretty weird with her not being around.
sad weird.

Thanks too re: the "new direction". I'm still loving it. Is it a sign of good faith that my new boss just ordered a posh new desk for me??? It was fun going on-line shopping and NOT have to worry about the price. Wow!

::waving back to another professional lurker::

Mailyn said...

LOL!!! OMG that old dude...yuck!!!!

Michele said...

Hey, I think he's kinda cute... in an Old Dude way...*gg*

Glad to see you here, Mailyn!

M.E Ellis said...


Now I'm wondering if you're really 95...


Mitch said...

*shudders* I swear, if I have creepy dreams tonight with that old dude in them, I will exact a horrid and vengeful retribution upon you!

Also - KITTY!!!!!! I love the blue kitty chasing its tail - my cat Boston chases her tail a lot. For some reason, she likes to do it in the bath tub, and sometimes I wake in the night to the sound of her banging against the sides of the old claw-foot.

Beth said...

Michele - hey, that is terrific that your boss bought a new desk for you - a good sign for sure!!
Glad things are working out with your job.

Bailey Stewart said...


A new desk - wow!