Monday, September 04, 2006

Hats off to you

I was in the mood to surf. In decades past, wearing hat was not only a fashion statement, but a must for any outfit to be complete.

Wow! Things sure have changed!

I have NO idea what he's supposed to be. Or who.

I LOVE the Elephant hat , though.

Some hats still make a splash and make a person look fine

Or am I distracted?

This little pic is pushing the hat into an area I never knew existed!

I have absolutely NO idea what 'normalized data' is, I just can't get over his pom-poms!!

I guess no matter what you wear, the hat can make or break a first impression.

So, take off the hat, right?


Brandy said...

That pom-pom hat makes you wonder if he's trying to hide something, besides a really bad haircut!

Shesawriter said...

I don't know WHERE you find these pictures! ROFLMAO

Rayke said...
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Rayke said...

Those hats are awesome. I want that "pom pom" one. I'd totlly sport the hell out of that thing...

That blackish "Chuppendales" dude looks like the illegitimate love child of Will Smith and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Farm Girl said...

LOL @ the elephant hat? Are you sure that is what it is? LOL. I think I like pom-pom boy!

Bailey Stewart said...

Maybe he's making up for the inadequacy of his other pom-poms? *gg*

Michele said...

Brandy! That guy could be bald and still be fine. He must be hiding something else. *grin*

Tanya! **VBG** Sometimes, I amaze myself.

Rayke! You crack me up! Your comments for both the Pom-Pom and the "Chuppendale" guy are giving me the giggles. Thanks for visiting!

Les -! Well, of COURSE it's an elephant hat, what else could it be???
You're BAD!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!

Bailey! Good Gravy, you're being as bad as Les! ROTFL

Mailyn said...

LOL those are just plain weird!!!

M.E Ellis said...

LMFFAO Hilarious pics.



Brandy said...

Ha! I think Bailey understood what I was hinting at.