Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Are you ready to eat?

That's the question that begs to be asked because the holidays are closing fast.

A few more days, and Lady Pepto, Sir Immodium AD, Sargeant Maalox and Duke Alka von Seltzer might become your best buds.

So, fellow bloggers, are you ready?

Oh, and I hope you don't get surprised by any silly holiday antics by your relatives ....

But if you do, I hope they'll be harmless as this guy's,

And a bit of advice .... Should Aunt Hagatha get a tad zealous and not only overcooks the precious turkey but all the fixings on the counter next to it, remember that professional fire fighters can and should be called when any HOT emergencies occur. (I'm having one just looking at this pic!)

Good survival advice, eh?

So, how are YOU getting ready??


Brandy said...

We're going to make the desserts today, so that way we won't be under each others feet in the kitchen tomorrow. Somehow, I'm not quite sure what happened, the In-Laws are eating with us, AFTER eating with the Dh's Sister earlier in the day. *sigh* That's what we get for trying to be just the 4 of us. I hope your Thanksgiving goes well and that you all have the best time!!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Well I was going to say something hysterically funny about the cat in the toilet, but that last picture took everything out of my head. Yowza! Come on babies, light my fire - and those are some lucky female firefighters.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

M.E Ellis said...

Oh that cat!


Michele said...

Thanks, Brandy! You too!

Bonnie- Thank you! I hope the same for you as well. :-)

Bailey - teehee - great diversion, huh? **grin** And yes, had a great Turkey Day. My Uncle for the first time ever, ever, talked about his experiences in the Korean war. Whoa. Yep, we have a lot to be thankful for.

M.E. - *grin* Amazing where cats sleep, eh?

Kara Alison said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Betty S said...

I feel a really hot crisis coming on.