Monday, November 13, 2006

The Beautiful People

I'll admit to a snarky post coming up.

It is more of an observation than targeted at any one person.


Have you ever watched them?

I'm used to having visions in my head of the Bionic Man or the Bionic Woman jogging.

They were confident, sexy and purposeful joggers. Good form. No flopping wrists and bad clothes.

In real life?

Human Chickens.
Double Jointed floppers.
Human pendulums.
Limp wristed fish.
The high steppers
The sprinters
and (females only - I hope) the ones who are daring enough to jog and risk getting black eyes from their yo-yo-ing mammaries.

I was driving behind a female jogger the other day and I was cringing at her leg motions. It looked as though her knees bent out which had her legs lift up and angle to the side. Can you even imagine the visual? \ / Like a flapping V.
Can arthroscopic surgery be far from her future?

Or the man in the macho black sweat band with bunny hands held in front of him.

The lopers are kind of cool. They look more like a running ballet. You know, what they do before they leap? But the leap never comes - it's jogging.

Have you noticed?
Do you have any strange jogging stories to share?

Curious Kitty wants to know.


M.E Ellis said...

LOL I jog watch too! I like the strugglers.


Robin Caroll said...

Personally, I just try not to run over them! LOL

Brandy said...

The local HS track team runs around our neighborhood and watching them IS like watching Ballet in Motion. For most. There are a few that huff and puff their way through the whole thing and just look so uncomfortable. I've tried jogging and can usually do half a mile before I feel like my boons are going to fall off. However, I did see a comment by another blogger I read that said that if you have ANY boobs it's best to wear 2 bras. AN interesting and weird idea, but maybe it works?

Gangadhar said...

do u know who's she in the jogging pic..just curious..

Michele said...

Hey there, Gangadar!
I sure do know who she is.
Lindsay Wagner a/k/a the Bionic Woman. I always thought she was the prettiest lady on TV at the time.
I was thrilled when I found this moving pic of her.

Now, she's a spokesperson for Select Comfort, the bed that uses Air as it's filling.
The advertising doesn't lie, it IS the best bedding I ever bought. It is SO cool. I'll never go back to stuffing and springs, LOL

Gangadhar said...

thank you verymuch for the information regarding Bionic woman aka Lindsay Wagnor..So u r enjoying "Select Comfort"?
Glad to see u on moi blog after a loong time..
take care,Michele..

Michele said...

And you're welcome!

Do I enjoy the Select Comport bed? You bet!
Turns out that DH and Me have diametrically opposed comfort hardness factors for sleeping. I like mine firm, so lots of air, HE likes it soft, like - barely there air.
I can't stand sleeping on his side.
The funny thing is that when he's in it, all the air pushes up so it's the same height as mine. When he gets up first, and I'm laying on the edge of mine And his, his side goes down so quick that I end up rolling over and fall into his side. Like falling off a cliff.
No fun if I'm sound asleep at the time, LOL!

Thanks for asking. ;-)