Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Words - pet peeve generator

Thanks for all the input about Beta Blogger Everyone!

I'd like to share a pet peeve observation.

Ever watch one of the early shows?

Ever hear the words, "LIVE, from Rockefellar Plaza!"

Um, what else WOULD they be?

Ever hear, "Special Edition of ...Today!" ??

Okaaay, like they're not on EVERY DAY?? What the heck is so special??
Do they DO anything different?

I understand that the subject matter can be influential, but it's not like the show isn't broadcasted at any other time of day or has a new format or hosts/hostesses.

What is supposed to stand out to MAKE it different?

It's not like a New And Improved formula for toilet cleaner.

Those words just seem so, .... silly? exaggerated?

Am I the only one that this strikes as odd?


M.E Ellis said...

Noooooooooo idea what you are talking about but hello anyway.



Michele said...

LOL, M.E.! I 'm talking about TV shows using sensational speaking hyper touting spokespersons announcing said excited vernacular to get you to watch their show.
I mean, they say, LIVE, well, what else would they be, DEAD? Zombies? Disembodied? Of course it's "live.

That's what I mean. Words claiming the obvious is extraordinary when they are just that, Ordinary!