Thursday, November 30, 2006

Please give a cyber hug

Just now I was visiting a few blogs I havent' had a chance to keep up with.

Oh My Goodness! I am horrified by Trista's loss. Senseless, totally.

You, my readers (thank you) have proven to be caring and supportive whenever I mention things that tug my heart. Please visit her blog and give her and her family a cyber hug, OK?


Hugs to Trista


Brandy said...

My goodness, that's awful! I left a comment as well.

Michele said...

Thanks, Brandy! As you and I both know, support from our cyber-buddies means a lot.

Anonymous said...

That's beyond horrible. I left a comment too.

Bailey Stewart said...

Absolutely and utterly reprehensible. Maybe someone should use them as target practice. Cyber hugs were sent her way.

Michele said...

Thank you, Bonnie and Bailey! I am so glad that you visited me and saw this. It means a lot to me that you are always willing to share your caring and warmth.

Hugs to you both.:-)

Mailyn said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'll post it on my site as well. These people need to die some horrible death. That's just sick.

Michele said...

I agree, it is sick and twisted. I appreciate the shout out on her behalf.
You're a sweetie, Mailyn!

Gangadhar said...

you've done a great thing by putting her link here..Gone over there..and seen the responses..i feel those cyber hugs mean a lot to anyone..

Michele said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, gangadhar!
I always appreciate your stopping by my blog, but doubly thankful that you supported my plea for a fellow blog buddy.

M.E Ellis said...

Terrible tale. Poor family.


Michele said...

I agree, M.E. Thanks for reading And the support!

Trista Bane said...

I stayed away from my blog (but did get the comments through email, and they really helped, Michelle!) Everytime I thought of logging in, I thought of my previous post and got sad. But I did want to come by and say thank you to everyone! Even if it is a bit late!

Hugs back to everyone!