Sunday, November 26, 2006

E Book Shout Out

I was on a roll last night.

I was visiting Ellora's Cave and I was thrilled to find out that not only did Shelly Munro have the third installment of her Talking Dog series out ( Did I tell you Shelly "friended" me on MySpace? Squeeee!) , but Lauren Dane had not one but TWO of her Witches Knot books out. I knew Thrice United was her latest, but never realized that I'd missed Vengence Due.

Then, I decided that I'd try a new author with a different slant on dragons, Arctic Dragon by Delilah Devlin.
It is a short story.
I have only one complaint.

It was TOO DARNED short!

There were hints of a realm war coming on. There were hints that her thwarted Blue Smurf, ( I loved that line) was more than met the eye and the world she wrote about had oh, SO much possibility that when the story ended, I felt that I was teased. Thwarted more than the blue guy.

Yes, yes, yes, I got my HEA. You know how I feel about those.
I still feel teased. There was so much richness of world and character hinted at that I felt I was left with a cliffhanger. There's no rescue in sight, however, and that's what bugs the muse in me.

Another short offering I took a chance on was Bacchus by Jordan Summers.
This one was a bit more complete. I didn't feel like I bought a creme puff that only had a dallop of cream in it. This one delivered.
I have to say this.
There was a lot of original thought in this one. The eyes weren't the only things red. It was very clever of the author to introduce a being that seems like a vampire, but isn't.
I'm not telling WHAT he is. *grin*
It's clever, different and that made it enjoyable.

If you are in any way curious about these stories or authors, I've included links.
Nothing like sharing the literary wealth.

What have you been reading that's given you a pleasant surprise?

Oh, and before I forget, if you have any opinions on the new Beta Blogger, please let me know on the previous post. Thanks.

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