Thursday, February 22, 2007

Book Rave Shout Out

My Motto: A good book is like a good friend, Great to cuddle with, whereever you are.

All these books are recommends. There is nothing boring or substandard about them. There is, however, plenty to be excited about.

Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis

Seeing Red by Jill Shalvis

Blue Flame by Jill Shalvis

(notice the titles are almost the same amount of letters? Did she plan that? Cool. )

The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Moon Awakening by Lucy Monroe

Wicked Pleasures by Nina Bangs

All of these I've read in the past week. These reads grabbed me.

The Shalvis books were on the recommendation of Bailey.

Thank you!

I Could not put them down. When I started reading intently, I wanted to stay that way. Of course, I did, that's why I read so many in so little time. LOL! After reading these, I got a sense of Jill's writing and a possible personal quirk that is certainly endearing. Now I need to find more! *wink*

Lucy's new werewolf series is just as I imagined. Heartwarming with good doses of emotion and romance. A Highland werewolf ... What's not to like?

Nina's book, takes us on another journey to the Castle of Dark Dreams. I finally got to see Ganymede in action. Well, Brynn stripping all the time ends up being good action too. *gg*

Sherrilyn's book takes place prior to Nick going "Hunter" so there is a bittersweet moment of the 'way things were'. It's an amazing world she's taking us further into and we get more info on ASH. Just what we've been waiting for. Of course, now we're left with more Questions than Answers. Sneaky lady. *grin*


Now, I'd like to take a back step to the previous post re: the voting for Kim Howe's Romance scene.

Please do. Vote for her, I mean.

I read both of the final two in the contest and I have to say, as a romance reader, that hers is exactly what I'm expecting to see when I read about a romantic interlude between hero and heroine.

Perhaps I'm biased regarding chick lit, but after reading the other entry, I was left feeling negative, and frustrated.

I get the hint that this is supposed to be sarcastic and snarky. The characters wit is in force, that I'll grant ... but it's not what I would enjoy reading under the term 'romance'. It left a soured hope for any fulfilling HEA. Does chic lit EVER have an HEA?

I believe that my readers who share the same taste in books as myself will agree with my assessment.

Ultimately, it is your choice, your voice and your preference.

Remember, every vote DOES count.


Remember too,



Brandy said...

GOODNESS! I love the photos, the last one looks like Athena curled around Midnight.
I LOVED Get a Clue, it's what hooked me on Jill as a writer. You have to read Out of this World. It is just as zany and touching. I haven't read Lucy's Moon Awakening yet. I'm not a big histrical fan. And I'm scared that as much as I loved her Mercenary series, I won't like Moon Awakening. I'm just a big chicken! But, I'll see if the library has it per you recommendation.

Dru said...

oh my, I love the photos especially the two cats in the sink.

I recently discovered Jill too and I love her work. While I wait for her new release, I'm reading some of her older books. You have to get Out of This World..that was my first Jill book and you will truly enjoy it. Get A Clue was good as well.

I don't like vampire, gothic or historical books, but thanks for the recommendation.

Michele said...

Out of this World by Jill is in at my library too. I just have to pick it up...another WOOT! moment.

I used to say that I didn't read historical, but since reading Kleypas, I am a convert. And I do like Highlander books... especially Karen Marie Monings .. YUM. I guess that's one of the reasons I liked Lucy's... even though there's an historical aspect of it..Lucy manages to get to the emotion of the character. Contemporary or werewolve..we all need love. *grin*

I'm glad you liked the pics. I fell in "awwww" of them when I saw them.

Dru - Oh, you have NO idea what yumminess you're missing... If I were to steer you to someone who could hook you into Viking/historicals that merge contemporary and humor, might I suggest Sandra Hill?
You might be pleasantly surprised.
Anyway, I'm glad you also enjoyed the pictures.
Even kitties know romance.

Kristen Painter said...

Love the cat pics! Although I do have to disagree with you on Dream Hunter. I put the book down. Just too little action and too much info dumping for me. A real disappointment because I wanted to love it.

Michele said...

Hi, Kristen!

From your cat to mine, LOL.
I still think your bopping kitty is a riot!

Thanks for popping in and reading my entry.
OH, I agree about the info dumping .. but I sorta wanted that.
It's taking too long to get to Ash's story - sense a little impatience? *grin*
As far as not enough action .. hmmmm, yeah, I guess thinking back on it, M'whateverhisnamewas, could have been more dastardly. And the boat? ... OK... I see your point... but I liked the info.

For me, the most touching moment truly was seeing Nick as he was. THAT really got to me. Out of everything written, it was a painful reminder of how dark things seem to be getting.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Kristen!

Jenny said...

I ADORE your cat pictures (I have an almost identical one from when my now-dead calico was young so it made me wistful)--my in-laws have a cat (I named him Cousteau b/c they can't come up with a name) who LOVES when they turn the water on. Crazy, isn't it.
And just to let you know, yep, plenty of times chick lit has HEA. I don't write anything that doesn't resolve satisfactorily. But I also didn't want to give away my romance scenes are they are the 2 pivotal scenes in the book.
Jenny Gardiner

Michele said...

Hi, Jenny!
I think cats who love water are fun to watch. A friend recently sent me a video clip of a cat who loved flushing the toilet ... over and over again, LOL!

Thank you for letting me know that Chick Lit can have a happy ending. I must not be reading the right choices. All the ones I've had the misfortune to read end up only showing me a portion of their life .. where the heroine has suddenly "found" herself and by the end of the book has worked out enough of her internal angst that she can now go forward to find Mr. Right. However, during the book she found out that she doesn't really need him to be happy but if she ever finds him, that's OK too. No big deal.

For me, Big Deal.

I can't see myself going to sleep with dreams of emancipation running through my head. I much prefer a dashing pirate sailing with her into a tropical paradise, after rescuing her while she had provided him and his boarding crew a distraction which succeeded and allowed them to head into their HEA.

Now I'd like to touch base on the other part of your comment.

Like I said, the wit was intact and many of your zingers/comments were inspired. Clever, actually. I guess the hardest challenge is taking something out of context with the expectation that it will stand on its own in a defined catagory with finite parameters. Something tells me the backstory .. what came before and what comes after would bring it more alive to someone as hesitant as me.
As it is, your scene depicts the romance and specifically, Ward, needing a defillibrator to jump start his reinvestment in their marraige and a session with Dr. Phil or Dr. Ruth, perhaps both, to get their relationship back on track. IF that is where you would be going with it.

The other thing I can say about it is that ... gee, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not ... but I bet there are plenty of relationships out there that resemble just that type of scene.
Rediscovering their romance in spite of it all would be a true treasure of a story.

Even better if it was a role he was "playing" ... oh gosh, now I'm heading into "True Lies" territory.
Loved that movie.

OK, I've babbled enough.
I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and comment, Jenny.

I sincerely wish you luckin all your writing endeavors!

When you get published, I'll make sure I read YOUR chick lit, knowing what I now know about your style.

Agan, thanks for stopping by!

How did you find me????

Melissa said...

Just wanted to say how much I love your kitties in the sink picture. It put a much needed smile on my face this afternoon. Thank you Michele!

Michele said...

Awww! Thanks, Melissa. :-)

I appreciate your telling me so.

That made ME smile.