Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow!! We have SNOW!! Like Measureable!!!

Taken from my back door 10:14PM OVER 12 hours past the forecasted event. For a change, we have snow. We called our kids down from their beds. They Whooped and Hollared. They're going sledding tomorrow!!


Brandy said...

It's so PRETTY! My kids are jealous!

Michele said...

They can only be jealous if it lasts longer than your snow did.
I was so happy for your kids when you showed them playing.

I hope to be able to do the same thing!

Bailey Stewart said...

You hope to show Brandy's kids playing? I'm confused. Or maybe dizzy.

Nice snow.

Michele said...

LOL, Bailey! Dizzy... go back and rest you! *grin*
Brandy had a wonderful picture of her kids playing in the snow ... and I hope to get one of MINE playing in our new snow.

Thanks, for thinking the snow is nice too. Took long enough to get here. We usually have snow starting in November,so waiting until February is one for the record books.

Thanks for visiting and feel better soon!!!

Gangadhar said...

i love snow..but what's the news is we don't ever see snow here...lolzz.
Loved to be here at your place,Michele..

take care

Dru said...

It's the little things that make us happy.

I hope your snow stays longer than that little bit we had.

Anonymous said...

We have a dusting here SE Pennsylvania. It's the first time it stuck for more than like 20 minutes. I guess we officially have had winter now. I was getting a little nervous.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo, Michele!!!

Michele said...

Hi Gangadhar!
It NEVER snows? Boggles my mind. Glad to share mine with you! *grin*
Since I can't send any over, I'll try to post a few more in all its white glory.
Thanks for stopping by!

Hey there, Dru!
From what I've been hearing, yep, the snow is staying around. Hard to melt when you can't get over 20 degrees F. LOL

Jason! LOL - never nervous, not you! ?
For awhile it seemed like all we were getting were dustings and teasings. Looks like we finally got the real thing.
Winter isn't over yet, maybe you'll have a snowball's worth fall soon?

Bonnie! ROTFL!! Yep, YEAH! Finally.