Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shrek marks the first journey's ending

I erased his name, so I could share the birthday cake with you.
It's vanilla cake with vanilla butter creme frosting.
The lady who baked the cake had never done Shrek before. She did a pretty good job, didn't she?
Seven years. Where does the time go?
For you who are parents ... I have a question.
At what age did you truly feel the loss of your child's 'baby years' and realize that they were "growing up" ?
I realize that for some, that time is marked when they board their first bus to go to Kindergarden. Not I. No, for me it is their entry into second grade that makes me face that pivotal moment. In first grade they are still painting pictures, doing arts and crafts and putting on skits at which us parents take copious pictures for rememberance. It starts to lessen in second grade and they start correcting you with the wisdom they learn in from of their teachers. So this birthday marks the moment of passage. His toddlerhood/preschool persona and dependence on mom ends and the independent young person emerges.
It's a proud moment for a parent.
Bittersweet too.


Dru said...

Wow, the cake looks great. How did it taste?

Michele said...

How did it taste?
Too good!
As small a cake as it is, it still is going to take a couple of days to eat.
Too many days for temptation.
Have a great Monday, Dru!!

Brandy said...

When we are faced with that passage. Hmmm, Daughter tried to correct me the other day. I was irritated and let her know that old saying "I've learned more than you will ever forget". As for Son, I can already see the physical changes that are marking his passage as he gets older. His hands are over half my size, his shoulders are broadening out and his legs are getting longer. Emotionally he's still my little boy, he still wants his Mommy, but I dread the da I go to give him a kiss on the head and he ducks.
BTW, the cake looks CUTE!! Th elady did a great job. Son's birthday is on the 13th next month and he wants Jimmie Johnson. Luckily he's kind of popular right now.
Have a good monday!

Mailyn said...

That cake looks damn good!

Jill Monroe said...

Ahhh - well, they're still my babies. When they're taller than I am (which usually happens in 5th grade with students) - I'll see if that makes a difference.

Annalee Blysse said...

Yummy... and how creative.