Monday, February 12, 2007

MY Turn at the Screw

No later than last night did I ask the question of M.E., "How did they force you to switch to the New Blogger?"

I asked too soon, or I jinxed myself because as you can see, I have it.

I WAS forced.

I went to update my post and there it was in all its commanding glory,

"Change to New Blogger."

They offer this little reprieve on the top right of the page stating "You can only use this option once."

Which means, you want to blog on Blogger, change. Resistance is futile.

I swear, it sounds like the Borg is winning. Are winning? What is the proper grammer?

Now I have to explore a bit.

I also have questions. Why would I want to sign in to my "old" Blogger unless it was to access my old blogs?

Some of you know, OK - Four know, that I have another blog.

You know how you have it set up that comment notification gets sent to you via email?

I have them each going to their own mail. Now what do I do? I need them separate and if I do it through Google, will it let me?

Of the four who know of my other blog, they can well imagine why I need it sent to a different addy.

What a tailspin!

On an UP note, I saw this sign on the back of a commerical van:

The Surgeon General states that smoking is hazardous to your health.

He said NOTHING about smoking the competition!

LOL, sense a little professional aggression? *grin*

The weatherman is predicting snow Tuesday night into Wednesday.

BUT, they can't tell us how much.

How do I plan with that?

Do I go to work today? Wait and make it up on Friday?

What to do?

I planned on getting my DH his cake today. Tomorrow is his B-day.

I planned on transferring my club notes to the new president.

I planned on laundry - heck, laundry has plans for me every day!

I planned on writing - I ended up reading about Motiviting your Writing.

I planned on getting an early start - and here I sit updating my post and switching to New Blogger.

Why do I bother to plan?

Because sometimes, things actually get done.

I hope all of your planned plans pan out for you!


Brandy said...

Talk about a tongue twister! (And I'm not talking about the picture) As for the planned and unplanned, you've heard my failures on that score. Sorry about your forced upgrade to new blogger, I'm holding out as long as I can. (knock on wood)
Hope your hub's has a great birthday!

Dru said...

I've been using the new blogger for a while. Sorry that you planned day didn't go as you planned. Sometimes unplanned days makes life interesting.

Happy Early Birthday to your hubby.

Nice rear end!

Trista Bane said...

Yum! Buns 'n Roses!

Happy Birthday to your hubby! We just celebrated my little boy's birthday. Eat lots of cake for me.

My to-do list is so long, I don't think I'll ever get caught up, lol.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about Petals in the Snow! I absolutely loved writing that book, and it felt so good to offer it as a free read at Christmas time. (smile)

Michele said...

LOL, Dru. Yep, my day WAS interesting.
And the cake was Good!
Yum, that butter cream frosting.
Thanks for the wishes for my DH.
LOL, glad you liked the early Valentines view.

If my forced upgrade to new Blogger means less problems uploading pictues than I'll be OK.
Remember how much trouble I've been having? Maybe this is a good think in disguise.
We'll see.
Thanks for the Birthday wishes for my DH too!
And thanks for the coat catch on the Tire.
I also caught a typo I missed before.

Michele said...

Trista! I just missed you!

You're very welcome on the compliments. They were well earned.

Um, Yeah, I ate some cake already.
Man, that frosting is dangerous ... LOL

And I'm happy to hear you liked the pic. Never can have enough Buns and Roses. *giggle*
Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Mailyn said...

LOL! Yeah they are already forcing everyone to move. I did switch as well since I had quite a few blogs to do the switching. I've been MIA so I'm doing a quick round and saying hello to all and sending lots of hugs!!!! ^_^

eMMa said...

I haven't been forced to change... yet!!!!