Wednesday, February 07, 2007

E Books Squeal !!

I am SO bad about buying E Books.

I like them.

Think about it, shopping from my computer for ebooks I save gas, shipping and handling and tax too , I think. I'm pretty sure.

Buying from Fictionwise is amazing too. For some books, it's like they are PAYING me for buying from them. Seriously.

They have these cute Micropay Rebates that basically puts funds back into this little account that eventually builds up enough to get books for free!

What's not to like?

Maybe the fact that after awhile you can't feel your butt?

OK, I'll give you that.

Two days ago I bought Bite Me If You Can by Lynsay Sands AND Protector of the Flight by Robin D. Owens.

I Read Bite me in One Day and Protector in three.
I'm usually a fast reader, but you can't bring a PC into the ... um ... well, anywhere really. So it takes me a bit longer. Interuptions, you know? *wink*

Anyway ....
I RECOMMEND THESE TWO BOOKS no matter how you get them. They are worth it.
Oh yes!

Last Month I also ordered : Jaguar Moon: Scent of a Mate by Teri Adkins. I liked this one too.

I gave all these "GREAT! I LOVED IT!" rates at Fictionwise.
ON a more personal nature:

Today was the Day of the DOGS.

What do I mean? Not sure, but it MUST mean something right?

I do know that it weirded me out.

On my way home, about 15 minutes from safety I beheld an ancient Beagle in the middle of the road. He took his sweet short legged time getting to the other side.

10 minutes from home a big black .... old with silvered muzzle.... unknown breed of dog looked at me with doggie amusement as I crept by all while I worried that I might hit him. He also stood in the middle of the road, refusing to move off to the side, again, watching me.

5 minutes from home, a black squirrel raced across my car's path seconds before the wheels hit the same spot he'd been.

3 minutes from home ANOTHER black dog, also of unknown breed stood this time to the side of the road and watched me pass by.


Two Black Dogs and a Black Squirrel?

Is there connection?

Two dogs and a squirrel in one town and one dog in the town next to me.
Um, yes, the towns are THAT close together. I can go through three different towns in 15 minutes.

But what about the dogs?
Got any insights?
Conspiracy theories?

Such is my day.

Have a Doggone good day!


Brandy said...

Well, don't get mad at me, but it sounds like the start of a cool story!!
I've tried e-books, and every now and then I'll buy one. But there's something about holding a book for me. Not to mention taking peeks all along a book to make sure you lik eit before you buy it. As for ebook authors, have you ever read any by Janet Miller? She was in a little known book (published by LTD Publishing, now out of business) called Dream Quest and I really, REALLY enjoyed her story.

Dru said...

Dogs...too many for me. I think dogs are sacred animals somewhere in the world.

I have one book on my PDA and I think I only read the first chapter. It was too distracting to have to use the stylus to turn a couple of lines. I really prefer books because you can take them anywhere you want to go.

Jill said...

I am bad, I've never bought or read an e-book. Bad, bad, bad, I know, but I just love holding a book in my hands and turning the pages, etc. Eventually I'll get over it, i have to, because I know I'm missing out on great books.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I love reading ebooks just as much as I do print books. A great story snags me and reels me in, regardless of the delivery system. :-) I keep the print books for reading in bed. I read ebooks on the computer as well as on my beloved old Rocket ebook (REB, Gemstar), which my husband also loves to use (especially while reading in his...ahem...library LOL). I hope to hell that ebook reader never breaks (which is why I don't use it in bed because I KNOW it will go crashing to the floor when I fall asleep just like the paperbacks do!) because I'd hate to be without it.

I haven't read either of the authors you mentioned, Michele, and will definitely have to check them out. Those sound like good books!

Bailey Stewart said...

You've had a visit from "The Shalvis" Wow!

I have some ebooks, but I don't enjoy them as much as an actual "in your hands, feel the paper, smell the ink" book.

Two Black Dogs and a Black Squirrel

Sounds like a drink order to me.

Michele said...

Hi Brandy!
Gee, no, I've never heard of Janet long ago did you read her?
Now, WHY would I get mad at you?
LOL - dogs acting as sentries ... passing the word that I'm passing by .. Doggie Espionage maybe?
You HAVE to see that movie Cats and Dogs if you haven't already.
Dogs ARE secret Agents in the movie. Still enjoy watching it.

Dru! Hey there!
I don't know about dogs being sacred in the world somewhere, cats Yes, of course! *grin*
I know dogs are *cough* a delicacy somewhere ... not here thank goodness.!! We like our dogs to be man's best friend .. that's why they're on the Police forces.And do a good job too!

Oh! on a PDA? Isn't that WAY too tiny to read, Dru? And a Stylus to boot? *shudder*, I don't think I'd read much on those either.
Try PC!!
Nice Big fat letters...easy on the eye!

Well, HOWDY Jill!!
You Are NOT bad for not reading ebooks. A lot of them at some point or another do end up or start out as paper books. I too have a permanent place in my heart for paper books I can hold. They are great for in the, um... shall we say "powder room" and bedroom and waiting in waiting rooms for appointments. There, paper books ARE our friends.

I like Ebooks for the convenience in situations like "I want a new book NOW! I'm Desparate! I'm in HEA withdrawal!" , you know, those types of things. Ebooks are great remedies for that.

However, as for your missing out on great books? Oh yea! In fact, sometimes I've found books coming out in Ebook format BEFORE print!
That's a rare but enjoyable thrill.

Thanks SO much, Jill, for visiting my humble blog!

Daisy! Thanks for dropping by!

You fall asleep reading? Hasn't happened to me ... yet. My DH gets to bed before me, so I get the Lazy Boy Recliner to read in. And. *giggle*, I can WELL imagine your Dh's ...library room. *wink*

WE call it the "powder room". Very tasteful.

Daisy, if you DO read Robin's works, she has two previous books in the Summoning series. Alexa's and Marion's stories. It's not necessary to read in order, but I sure feel like I'm coming home when I do. I just get sucked into that world. I think when It comes to Lynsay's works... you can read them out of order. I think I started them that way myself.

I hope you get a chance to check them out... but keep on writing!!

Bailey! No WaY!! REallY???
When I first saw your comment, I thought, NO WAY DO I RATE A VISIT FROM "THE SHALVIS"!!
I've had comments in the past from (sheepish mention) author Jill Monroe so I assumed - see what happens when you do that? - it was the same Jill, not JILL.
Oh my gosh! This is like, so COOL!!
**Cyber-happy dance**

RE: Drink order? LOL - Never thought of that, but you're right.
I mean, they DO have a Black Russian, right? *giggle*

And yes, yes, I agree that holding a book in your hands, fanning the pages and whiffing the ink smell can be euphoric at times, especially when the book is a favorite author AND, you can get your paper books SIGNED by your fav author. Can't do that with an Ebook.

Can you imagine going to a book signing and say, "JILL! I love your books, can you autograph my CD??"

Nope, that just doesn't sound right, does it?

I say, enjoy both worlds but when you get to SEE your author hero, buy the Paper book. *wink*

Thanks for dropping by, Bailey.

Shesawriter said...

Now that my doc called to let me know my new glasses are in, I guess I can buy all the ebooks I want now. I just have to stop procrastinating about picking up the glasses.

Brandy said...

Come to think of it, I've heard of a drink called a pink squirrel, in a movie. WOW! Jill visited you!! Way to Rate!!
Janet Miller also writes under the name Cricket Starr. I've never read any of her ebooks, but did read her short story/novella in Dream Quest. I was just curious if you'd read any of her. (I'm not a hge ebook reader, so haven't bought any of hers yet.)

Bailey Stewart said...

Yes, USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis.

Michele said...

Tanya!! Hi there, classy lady.
Glad to hear your glasses are in .. so PICK THEM UP! LOL
The better to write with, not just read.
You'll get used to them within the first week. I bet you'll look snazzy in them, Tanya. Post a pic of them! You don't have to show yourself wearing them ... I just would like to see the style.

Remember, I'm a curious kitty ...

Come on! Cricket Starr? Good gravy, sounds like a porno title.
I would Absolutely, definitely remember a name like that ... so no, I have not ever read her.
Chirpy little name.

Pink Squirrel? What's in it? And don't you dare say the black squirrel... that's just...too furry for me.


Annalee Blysse said...

I've been meaning to read Jaguar Moon, but I haven't yet. I think I bought it, but I'll have to look on my hard drive. The sad thing about eBooks is I buy more than I read and the out-of-sight out-of-mind thing gets to working. Shh! I'm not complaining! I love eBooks too.