Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Visions for Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day Morning!

Doesn't this get you in the Valentine's Mood?

THis is my present from Mother Nature - Snow & Sleet

I love Valentine's Candy and flowers,
don't you?

For a balanced Valentine's wish.
Just in case I have any guy lurkers.
Yeah, right.

Smooch! Hope your day is special!


Dru said...

Happy Valentine's Day.

Right now, our fake snow storm is just blowing snow. They said it will get worse around 4pm, so our company is letting us leave at 3pm today.

Some of the photos are "yummy"

Brandy said...

Nice artwork! *snigger*
But, you have snow! AGAIN! Waaaaaa!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michele! I thought you were going to leave us XY's out in the cold. :D

Happy Valentine's day!

Michele said...

*grin* Thanks Dru! Glad you liked some of my Valentine Candy. LOL

The storm turned out to be serious here. Sleet most of the day and right now.. 10:49PM, the wind is HOWLING!

Yep, Brandy, more snow. I'd send some if I could. *grin*
Thanks for the V-day wishes.

Jason! *VBG*
You know, when I decided to post that, I WAS thinking of you.
I think it is SO cool that you came by to say HI.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! :)