Sunday, February 04, 2007

The final Chapter

Ah!, you say. She's writing.

Unfortunately, that's not what I am referring to. I'm talking about a chapter in my life.
The end.

After four years of being the president of my church's Women's Club, today was my final function, The After The Holidays party. Today I said goodbye and relinquished control.

I was gratified to see that although 10 RSVP'd, 15 in total came to say goodbye. As far as they knew, not only was I stepping down along with my other officers but there was no one to take over. The end.

At the last minute, as of last week a potential victim *ahem/cough* candidate expressed interest. As late as YESTERDAY I got the word that she is serious. She doesn't have any officers truly picked but she has a pool of 8 women she knows she can talk to.

Heck that is MORE than I ever had, so I have high hopes. I was thrilled to be able to share this information with those present. They thought they were not only saying goodbye to me, but to the club as a whole. The news was met with a collective sigh.

They may yet say goodbye as I have a strong feeling that the Club is about to go in a new direction with a new focus. What they knew is gone. Women have changed in the last forty years.

I'm OK with that. I was a bridge from the old into the new. We tried many new things while trying to keep a handle on some of the old.

When we took on the job four years ago, we were left with under $100.00 to accomplish printings, mailings, entertainment and functions. Not much is it?

I am gratified that we are leaving our next in line with just under $1,000.00.
That's AFTER presenting our parish with four grand and setting aside monies earmarked for our scholarship program.

Major difference, wouldn't you say?

We learned to make edible and delicious pies from scratch.
We had book swaps.
Clothing sales.
Helped out needy families during Christmas.
We had a Living Rosary.
We went out to eat to celebrate in communion as Women in May - the month of Mary.
We had pie/bake sales.
We sponsored six children in Haiti.
We represented our parish and provided receptions after confirmations which usually included a Bishop or Monsiegnor
We have provided our families with a free Halloween party. Last year's party had most of the kids AND many adults dressed in costume. It was a blast.

Quite a few of these endeavors no one had done before.
There is much to be proud of.

The Best?

Community. Being able to walk into church and say 'Hi!", because these people are no longer strangers and nameless. They matter.

Ten years ago I was an outsider. I don't even live in the same town.
But now? Now I call many friends.
I'm a better person for knowing them.
My life has been greatly enriched with these new friendships and that is the biggest blessing of all.

The chapter closes with an epilogue of friends.
How grand.

I wanted to show you the beautful tulips and beany baby bear they gave me but dratted blogger isn't uploading pictures, AGAIN! Stay tuned. I will show them - when I can ...



Dru said...

What a great accomplishment you and the woman's club have done.

{{{{Michele}}}} because you gave your best and it showed.

Brandy said...

Michele, not only is the group growing in a new direction, but so are you. You have done a great many things and have every right to be proud of the accomplishments achieved. Take a Bow Lady!!

Shesawriter said...

Change is inevitable, but I still hate it.


Michele said...

Thanks Dru! It was a wild ride!

*grin* Brandy, it's amazing where the paths of life lead us. We all took a bow, sort of. Had our pic taken even though my VP hates having her pic taken. LOL! She did it for me. Gotta have those memories!

Tanya! *hugs* back at you... :-D
Change IS inevitable but I only hate it when it sneaks up from behind and whacks me on the side of the head.
Thanks for visiting!

Bailey Stewart said...

You've accomplished so much, good job. You deserve those beautiful flowers and all of the accolades.

Oh, and the snow looks nice too.