Thursday, June 16, 2005

2 Harlequins in one night, Whee!

I'm not sure what it is about Harlequins. Ever since I can remember, I was
always able to read 2, sometimes even 3, in a day. My first one was by
Violet Winspear. That's all I remember. I used to document all the titles
and authors I had read and even rated them. How I wish I had kept that
What I DO remember, is that after awhile, even as young as I was, it had
gotten stale. It didn't matter what country it took place in; Same-o-Same-o ...
older man with a stiff as a board personality, cruel most times and usually well off.
(money obviously can't buy a better personality) Manly man was usually paired with a young, virginal (seems they all were back then -- amazing!) girl who withstood it all. She was such a limp Victim of the catty comments, snubbing and schemes of the scorned older more experienced woman, or the women who wanted the man for herself. The bitches were always better dressed and *wink wink* always claimed to know just what a man's "needs" were and how to satisfy them. Strife, angst, betrayal and drawn out drama carried
the story until 2 pages from the end (let's hit our hero over the head with a 2X4 why don't we)
when suddenly, He LOVES her! He was so mean to her because HE was fighting,
(oh the agony), his attraction for her. *smooch smooch* and off they go, living
happily ever after ti da. Talk about a dysfunctional family in the making!

Now, fast forward, oh say 20 odd years. Somewhere during that span, a fresh
breeze came in and brought excitement, stronger and more confident women
(which greatly expands and enhances the stories) , add new ideas, fantastical
creatures, spunky dialog and realistic sensual interaction between the
character leads and Harlequins are back on my reading radar.

Finally I can get to the 2 books I read last night ( *happy sigh*)
A Harlequin Temptation
This was Fun!!!! Loved the hypnosis angle. The naughty little
innuendos had the male lead (Wag *grin*) practically frothing at the mouth.
Annabelle had her painted toe nails and non-clothes BUT the Blue Boa
was a truly inspired piece of writing. LOL!!! Sometimes you need
a fun romp to balance out the non-fun moments of real life.
Never Naughty Enough delivered romance and smiles in spades.

A Harlequin Intrique
This one Almost resembled the "stiff as a board" alpha male that
can't communicate well and clams up about his feelings.
Fortunately, that perception was short lived. It was used as a
conflict in the story, not to define the character as a whole as had
been done in the past. There was more definition to Andre, the
male lead, and a fleshed out reason for his being the way he was.
You want him to find love. Morgan , the lady PI , is strong,
feminine and actually thinks and acts for herself. She was a
good balance for Andre. I enjoyed the journey of the romance
and the touch of the paranormal that lent itself to the excitement
of the story. And of course, I LOVE a happy ending!

Between the two stories, I had a great ride! The laughter, mystery, anticipation, suspense, silliness, the touch of paranormal and , yes , the sex .....were well worth the read. I'm amazed that I was able to fall asleep after reading all that.
Harlequins sure have come a long way. I am happy to put them back in my TBR pile.

So dear reader, MY QUESTION FOR YOU.....
What titles would you recommend that I read next??????


Rebecca York said...

I'm still getting used to using this blog system. So I wrote comments, then somehow made them vanish.

Trying again--Thanks for mentioning Spellbound. I had fun writing it. It's a beauty and the beast story. And Morgan does tame the beast--to their mutual advantage.

Andre is afraid to tell Morgan about the nasty voodoo curse that keeps him chained to his bayou plantation. He fell in love with her through their e-mail correspondence. But after he tricks her into coming to his house, he's not sure how to communicate with her. So he's pretty closed up at the beginning. Finally he realizes that he's got to be honest with Morgan if he wants her to stay with him.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun reading them again :)

J.F. Cossey said...

Can't help you here, because I don't really read Harlequin -- and not because I have a 'tude about them at all, but simply because I am obsessed with my fantasy novels. It's just wonderful that you have something you enjoy doing so much!! I know that feeling all too well. I can't wait to open my book up at bedtime every night, or when I'm waiting at the bus stop. :)

Jill Monroe said...

I'm so glad you liked Never Naughty Enough. When I know someone is actually reading it, I get all tense : )
Ahhh, the Blue Boa...
When I sold, my critique partners went and bought me one - I have pics, but don't think they'll make it on my website!

Thanks again!