Wednesday, June 01, 2005

EEEK!! A Real Life Movie Scare

Really! This is my personal EEEK!!! story ......

Do we all remember that wonderful horror pic "An American Werewolf in London" with
that cute Dr. Pepper guy??? Great special shifting affects and all? Well, lets refresh a
moment in time ...Remember when they were warned (I paraphrase here)"don't stray from
the road", and that there was a full moon that night? And there was a fog/mist that hampered
their vision. They found themselves off the path (of course) and in the distance they
heard an eerie howl. It repeats and each time, the sound gets closer ....closer....Any minute the viewer knows they are about to meet their worst nightmare. Remember??(oh, the thrills and chills)
Now, comes little ol' me. The theater I saw it in was in a mall, on a hill behind our home. I was within walking distance and I had no problem with walking at night. I don't recall exactly how old I was ...Teenager for sure. Prior to that night, I was "gross-queen", I could stomach anything, nothing scared me. I was fearless. Graphic violence meant nothing to me. (foolish mortal)
After the movie, my friend and I parted. As I walked home that night I noticed hanging full in the sky, was the moon in all its bright glory. "Pretty" I thought as I went, totally confident in myself. That is, until I reached the part of the street that had a long swath of swampness to one side. There was a bank of fog/mist hovering with tendrils that wisped into the road as I walked. That was where I heard it. The HOWL. It was far enough away so I wasn't too concerned; I kept going. All I needed to do was cross the bridge and it was downhill to home. The howl came again. I stopped, stunned. It was closer ; Definitely closer. I looked up and saw the full moon, glanced over at the fog/mist and looked back towards where I thought the sound came from. At that moment, the howl came again, much much closer, and everything came together in my mind. "Run!!!", Panic! This isn't the movie!!! This was really happening. " EEEK!! I think I broke records running home that night. *grin* Since then I've not been able to watch any truly graphic horror films. Good thing too, because then came Freddie Kruger (shudder) and his ilk and I definitely wouldn't want to wish a "Movie Moment" from that series on my worst enemy!!! (double ick) So, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Thanks again for reading this blurb and I hope that if you ever do have a Movie Moment, may it be from a Romance!!!!

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