Friday, June 10, 2005

I DEFY the Chain Mail Gremlin

Don't you just LOVE those chain mail emails? You know the kind:

Pass this on to 7 friends in 7 seconds or your car will break down, your
dishwasher will leak ,you'll step in dog poop and you'll have a bad hair day!

Send this to 10 friends and back to me. If you don't send it back to me, then I'll know you are not a real friend

If you don't send this prayer and spread His love, God's gonna forsake you (as if)

Sound familiar???? If so, Check out this website message for your antidote for the day:

If you know anyone that you think may appreciate this , let them know...... or not.
Someone has to break the cycle, right?????


Anonymous said...

Hehehehe Michele }:) I loathe chain mail emails.

Nina Bangs said...

Hey, Michele, I finally made it! I loved your chain mail funny. Everyone needs a good laugh once a day. It made me start thinking about what constitutes humor. I think the best humor is something all of us can relate to. Everyone has received chain mail and hated it. In fact, maybe I'll talk about humor on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jill Monroe said...


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