Thursday, June 02, 2005

Random Paranormal Musings

It's just a thought. A question. When did I experience something in my life
that might have helped me become open to reading and enjoying anything
paranormal? Kids do not read early on, they mostly are exposed to TV.
I would classify myself as a member of the TV generation. And , please don't groan, but
the first TV shows a kid is exposed to are Saturday Morning Cartoons and programs! Right?

Assuming (I'll take a chance here) I am, I am curious.... which shows do YOU remember?
Did you ever notice a theme to what you watched over the years???

First memories:
Space Ghost - Definitely my first crush on an Alpha male in tights
Jonny Quest - Race Bannon - Alpha with great moves, Tight T-shirt, a yummy voice *sigh*
Super Friends - Male Alpha Club - cool costumes, pectorals - "Oooh, save me!!"
Shazaam! - Early magic at work. Another guy in tights - bright Red even!
The Bugaloos cute fae-like creatures with yummy accents- first hint I'd like Scottish Vamps?
H R Puffinstuff- magic again with strange creatures only found
Josie and the Pussycats Sci-Fi adventures - there are bads guys girls can tackle and a
cat that Ganymede -(Cosmic Troublemaker from Nina Bangs) would
approve of...
Duck Dodgers in the 23 1/2 Century!!!!!! Sci-fi can be just plain fun and silly
Last but Certainly Not Least ......
SCOOBY DOO!!!! Mummies, Vampires, Ghosts, Mystery, Intrigue, Fred and Daphne (the ultimate relationship tease), Ancient Egyptian curses and magical suits of armor .....
Yes, Ol' Scoob is right up there with potential influence in paranormal acceptance.

Yes folks, those are the type of shows that laid the groundwork for me.
Feel Free to hop aboard this thought train and share a few tales ........ :-)


Anonymous said...

I LOVED H R Puffinstuff :)

Liz Maverick said...

I just don't even know how you manage to remember that stuff. My memory clearly has some sort of short-circuit thing going on. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm posting anonymously. :-) THis is Nicole from Nina Bangs' blog.

Michele said...

OH Cool!!! It worked, Thanks Nicole!!!!!!!

Jana J. Hanson said...

I *loved* Super Friends (the original, with the Wonder Twins, that that imitation Cartoon Network airs now).

The Smurfs (with a wizard Gargamel), The Snorks, Spiderman, I know I'm forgetting a few....

Even now, when flipping through channels, I stop if The X-Men are on.