Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Mystery Solved

A Big THANK YOU needs to go to the fellow blogger that helped me solve this mystery. I apologize that I can't locate your name, but if you see this, you'll know
who you are....

Once upon a time, I came upon these books by Glenna McReynolds and I was captivated. In fact, the first one, The Chalice and the Blade pictured way down below, was the one that started me reading medieval fantasy romance. Once I started, I was voracious! I looked for and found the next two in the series. Wow, was that fun! Then, all of a sudden, she stopped! She wrote River of Eden (not pictured here and not a medieval) which also was enjoyable then Boom. Nada, Zip. I mentioned this fact somewhere on mine or someone else's blog and I was told that Glenna may be writting under a different name!!!! THANK YOU!! Because it is true.

Books Pictured in Reverse order of reading ( I'm still figuring out this posting pictures business)

My first Medieval Fantasy Romance book..*sigh*

Glenna is now writing under the name of TARA JANZEN and it looks like she's going to be writing spy thriller romances starting September 2005. Crazy Hot is the first one.
I am so excited to find her again and that she's still writing. I had to share my happiness with everyone!!!
So, that's one missing author found, one more to go....
This is a great example of M's Favorite Things!!!

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none said...

Now I find this very sad. I mean it's good that she is writing under another name, but what about this one. I LOVE HER BOOKS.