Monday, September 26, 2005

1953 TimeWarp

Below is a scan (I'm playing with a new toy) of a page of entertainment history that I found. It is from TEMPO, a mini magazine that only cost 10 cents in 1953. The size is 8" X 6". Truly mini.
I don't know how to blow it up further, but I'm sure you're curious as to the woman.

pages from a 1953 mini magazine Posted by Picasa
It says, "Belly dancer Nedjla Ates, when asked how it feels to perform in nightclubs while people are eating:
** I don't know. When I dance, nobody eats.**"

She was performing at N.Y.C.'s Latin Quarter. Is that cool or what???

Here are some other quotes from the pages above :

Marilyn Monroe, on her new co-star, Robert Mitchum: "Mitchum is a real man. They never let me have one before in pictures. It's like playing tennis. You have to have somebody to throw the ball back."

Mrs. Jovanka Broz, on her method of avoiding domestic disturbances with her husband, Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito: "I give in -always."

Woman shipboard passenger, when Mrs. John Hughes revealed that her husband was the U.S. representative to NATO: "What is the climate like in Nato??"

Crooner Dick Haymes, after his marriage to actress Rita Hayworth when asked if he knew she could cook: "Who marries Rita Hayworth for her cooking?"

These last two I thought were the cutest:

A columbus, Ohio, marriage clerk, on why he waived the five-day waiting period for one couple who applied for a license: "After all, when a man is 83 and his girl is 73, they've waited long enough."

Poet Ogden Nash, on his art: "What I do is pick up poetry and bash its brains against the sidewalk."

Wow, now THAT's poetry!!!!!

Which one is your favorite? Do any of them rise your eyebrows??
For some of those "comments" I am SO glad we're not of those same opinions in 2005.
There is so much more little gems in this magazine. Would you like to see more? Let me know.
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Annalee Blysse said...

Marilyn's! Gotta find a man that can throw the ball back. I also liked the quote about not waiting for marriage.

As for the woman backing into squad car, I used that in a romantic suspense I started. The heroine backs into the hero cop's car at WalMart.

What an outfit on the belly dancer!

Brandy said...

Love these. Please post more. Have you ever seen "Topper"? It was set in the 30's or 40's.

Shesawriter said...

"Who marries Rita Hayworth for her cooking?"

Indeed. ROFLOL!


Anonymous said...

The Ohio clerk one was cute :) But then they're all good.

Michele said...

As for using it in a story, at least you've got bonifide proof that it happens...Walmart, huh? Too funny...yep, a LOT of women shop at Walmart...believeable place for that to occur..looking forward to reading it!

And yea, wish I could look that good in an outfit like that! Geesh!

Michele said...

Oh, Yes, Brandy, I Have seen the Topper films. There were great!

Sure I'll post more..there's so much in that little book.

I enjoy entertainment history.

Michele said...

Howdy Tanya, So glad you found something to tickle the funny bone!

Back then, I think they were more honest..nowadays, a comment like that just isn't P.C. and we wouldn't see that. Darn, makes life a WHOLE lot more interesting.

Michele said...

Bonnie!!! Bonnie?? Are you Back??
Woohooo!! You've been missed.
I started the first chapter in the book you sent. My first so called "letter" exercise was actually dedicated to you.

BTW-glad you found something you liked from my "list" :-)