Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oooh, A New Favorite Author

Forgive me if I don't remember who recommended this author, but I will give thanks that I heeded her praise for these books. I happen to be a big fan of Laurell K. Hamilton, Christine Feehan, Charlaine Harris and others along the same vein. :-)

I am anxiously awaiting Dance Macabre which LKH has been working so diligently on. In the meantime.... Kim Harrison is a must read. She had me enthralled with her world building. I can't believe how smooth it flowed, how real things felt in her world and how much I wanted to stay there. My usual book is about 350 or so pages. Ms. Harrison is an easy 500... and it is still not enough. It's dark, passionate, gritty and one of the best endorsements was from Diane Galbaldon.. the author of Outlander that I've heard so much about.....
Yes, yes, I WILL read it...I finally bought the book but havent' gotten around to it yet. I zipped through Dead Witch Walking and was disappointed about the relationship between Rachel and Nick..... *********** possible spoilers - beware!!!!************

I LOVE Kisten and I was REALLY bummed about Nick in The Good, The Bad and The Undead. So, maybe loving the Kisten Character like I do is a good thing because of all the yumminies in Every Which Way But Dead..hmmm? Also I secretly hope that Ivy and Rachel... well, being a scion can't be too bad, can it? ( I feel odd admitting something like that
Ssshhh!) Newt is weird....we meet, him/her/it in the third book..... which just came out and I couldn't resist owning. Oh, I really am worried about Jenks. I hope that gets fixed in the next book. I feel the same way Rachel does in the last book *sigh* too bad he's tiny and married *wink*

Somewhere, it might have been AngieW's site, there was a discussion of library books vs. purchasing. My view? I borrowed the first 2 Kim Harrison Books from my library, but felt I had to OWN the next one. So, I think both ways are good. It got me to buy a book that if it wasn't for the library, I never would have felt the need to pursue the purchase because I wouldn't have known how good it was. (That didn't flow right, but you get the idea)
And how gooood it was!!!
BTW - the titles just crack me up . I think it's great that they are parodies of Clint Eastwood movie titles. What a great idea!

So , for your viewing pleasure (?), I offer pictures of these great books so that if you see them, you know to pick them up. Of course, if mystery, vamps, witches, were's, pixies and elves with a little romantic suspense (and I AM in susupense) isn't your thing.... oooh, you don't know what you are missing! Woohoo!


Brandy said...

I read Dead Witch Walking. It was very gritty and dark. I am waiting for the others to come to my local library. I actually prefer J.D.Robb, though.

Michele said...

J.D. is actually Nora Roberts Right?
Haven't read anything by her, yet. As Nora, I've read some of her anthologies, but that's it. They were OK. Since You've read both, how would you say they differ? or the same? Curious about comparison.

Angela James said...

It was my blog that talked about the purchasing vs library books. And I also reviewed the Kim Harrison books with the same results, so it's possible you got her name from my blog as well ;) I hated the first book and had ignored the second two but I ended up picking up the second one at RT since Kim Harrison was signing books. Loved the second two. She is a good example of an author whose work gets stronger as the series progresses!

Michele said...

Hi AngieW!
Thanks for confirming the location of the Library/purchase discussion as being you... and that I remembered Kim's books from your site. Bet you didn't know you were so influential, did you?
I liked the first book. True, I didn't feel the relationship angle was well done, hence my displeasure with Nick, but I guess the ground work has to be layed somewhere. I can't imagine a first book of any series being easy and perfect in all areas. I forgot to mention that I am intrigued by Trent too. Quen's OK too, for an old guy *grin*
So, You were able to get a signed book of hers? How cool is That!
Thanks for sharing..

Brandy said...

I'd have to say that if you like Kim Harrison you'd like J.D.Robb. Robb's books are set in the future, but not so far that you can't picture everything in your mind. Her main Character is a cop, Eve Dallas. She is very tough and almost anti-femenine. She see's love as a weakness at first, and even after she meets her match with Roarke. The cool things about the books are that she really creates the world as YOU might think it will be and her secondary characters are as alive as the main. I really love the interaction between Dallas and the Butler and Dallas and her (later) partner(cop). Too much info?