Monday, September 26, 2005

Childhood Revisited -Do You Remember??

Ever wonder if the shows you watched on Saturday mornings when you were younger are as good now as they were then? Sometimes they are because they were made with various levels of humor and intent. Films/shows that had your parents laughing about something that went right over your head, but because the rest of the humor was aimed at you, parents were forgiven their "weird" sense of amusement.

Just to let you know...I was visiting Gena Showalter's BLOG who had a link to Kelli's BLOG.
It was Kelli who inspired me to pursue this road trip. I LOVE her's a riot!

Today I am traveling back in time where Bubblegum music was king. Saturday morning cartoons were original and campy. May I present for your groaning pleasure.......

The Bugaloos!!!!! Theme Song Alert
Martha Rae -remember her? played the witch..can she Sing? Find out CLICK
Remember Sparky? The giant lightening Bug with the even Larger blinking butt??
He has his own ode sung by the Bugaloos ---Awwww....Click

....Here's one of the websites that I visited on my journey into the past. Bugaloos link.


BTW- What do YOU remember about your favorite Saturday Morning shows? Do you even want to remember? Now that you are an adult.....are they better or worse?
For me? The Bugaloos was silly, campy...but find myself still bopping along to the tunes.....need the WORDS????
Need tunes to the words?? Music!!

If you actually take the time to investigate the links, I'd be THRILLED if you share your impressions of them with me.



Annalee Blysse said...

Scooby Do, where are you? I don't like their new shows. The old ones are still one sometimes.

I remember the Electric Company, something about Zoom. Was that the show or a segment? I can't recall. But the line za-zoom, zoom, zoom sticks out in my head as a memory.

Annalee Blysse said...

Ah! It was a show. I didn't realize they revived that too.

Brandy said...

My favorite was Scooby-Doo. But, I also liked Fat Albert. A little later on Rainbow Brite, He-Man and She-Ra. But, I will still watch Scooby-Doo with the kids. I now find it silly, but still funny.