Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sombre Thoughts

I can't let today go by without thinking of those that were affected by what happened on this date. 9/11
Seems our country is being sorely tested. We'll perservere and find strength to deal with what is happening now as we did then. I pause, while writing this, to remember, to reflect and pray for those lost and those left behind.
Add to that, the survivors of Katrina...and those lost in its tragedy. America's strength is her people. May we remember that.


uk-charlie said...

Hi Michele,

Thank's for your kind comments, We have a lot in common your country & ours, lots of shared history. I follow with concern what's happening in the US. I hope in time everything is OK again.... :)

Shesawriter said...

I've been watching the sci-fi channel all day. They're having a Stephen King marathon. I've purposely not watched the 911 coverage. I just can't deal with it. Not after Katrina. Yeah, I know ... Stephen King? Well, it's fiction. LOL!


Michele said...

Hi uk-charlie!
You are welcome!
Things are rolling now and can only get better day by day.
The news reports the worst, but the best of us are there making a difference and will continue to do so. Thank goodness.

Howdy Tanya!!!
Stephen King??!!!
Good gravy..I can't watch OR read his stuff. Gives me the heebie-geebies. I read a short story of his many moons ago and I had nightmares for months. Something about a raft, and a flesh eating oil slick. Gosh that was gross.
I did the tribute to 9/11 early this AM, but haven't watched any of the stuff either. I was reading a book instead. AND doing laundry...really mind riveting *grin*
Thanks for visiting!


Thought I'd check out your blog and return the favor.

I watched a PBS doc this afternoon on the World Trade Center, but tonight I caught the season premiere of "Family Guy." It's all about balance in this life. Your blog seems to exemplify that as well. Good mix of the serious and fun.

Michele said...

Thanks Kevin!
I appreicate your visiting me, too.
I'm a little off balance at times. It's actually easier to be serious, harder to be fun. I try for fun and leave the heavy stuff to the "professionals".