Monday, September 12, 2005

The power of the NEXT BLOG button!!

OK, I did it! I was visiting Annalee's blog back in August and she had this comment about using the Next Blog button. I'd tried it once and wasn't overly interested. However, she got my curiosity working over time so I decided to test it again...BAD girl! BAAAD girl!
I had FUN! I wasted 3 hours of eyeball strain cruising and drifting where-ever "next' sent me. I was visiting Sweden, Brazil, Canada, China, United Kingdom and some on the home turf. You know what else is great? No Jet Lag!
I laughed hysterically at some of these from this website...some might be insulting, me being female and all...but taking it within the humorous context it was meant to be...see what YOU think by clicking HERE and also HERE . These will take you to "the ever dumdum Teddy Bear's" site "3-some". A male's perspective of things is just SO interesting!

Then I found an inspirational and informative account of , I think, a reporter experiencing the front lines in New Orleans with pictures you don't see on TV,
interested? Click HERE or another entry HERE . Some of the entries are kind of shocking or they inspire my empathy and concern. You can't come away from his blog without some type of opinion. See if you don't.

His latest post just blows my mind! Fax indeed....hurrmph!

Then I found a blog that has tons of pictures of ordinary life. I think every entry has a picture..some of them are really nice! One is a tad weird, but that's all a matter of perspective, isn't it?? Check him out
I couldn't pick a specific entry to focus on..he had so many cool pic's!!!

The one from China hit my funny bone although I am sure that it was NOT intentional. She was expressing her dissatisfaction of the over-hype of Disney in Hong Kong. She was tired of hearing about it. WE don't get alot??
She even mention that she heard complaints of people not liking the waiting in lines for rides and was too crowded. THEN, she made the comment that "it is the feature of our society"...waiting in long lines" and" endless complaining about everything"... interesting insight! Of course, English entries were few..most were in her native language. I enjoyed the few English ones she had. Neat to see Chinese writing on my computer.

So, Have YOU ever tried the Next Blog button? If so, where in the world has it taken you??? AND, has it ever taken you to the same place twice???

For some reason, Blogger put 3 of these lovely rainbows when I only wanted one.
Oh,well..pretty is as pretty does.

Hope you find something of interest here today!
Thanks for visiting , and since it is Monday....Have
a great WEEK!!!!

Edit Update: I love this news. I'm a closet Johnny Depp fan and I found out some fun news...did you hear???
Check this link and Celebrate!. Looking forward now to 2006 and 2007..yippee!!!!!


Shesawriter said...

You're a brave girl. I did NEXT one time and about five blogs later, I was on somebody's porno site. I said that's it. No more. (g)


Michele said...

LOL, Tanya!
I'm not brave, just nosy and curious. I was lucky I didn't get "that" kind of site. Although I could have used the laugh. *grin*

pete said...

thanks for having a look at the donut!

Amber E said...

thanx for cruisin on my blog. I appriciate the comment. love your blog. I will check you out every once and a while.

Michele said...

Hi Pete!
Thanks for visiting me back. BTW-Love the new pictures since I posted on your blog. That candle wax one is so COOL!!

Amber e-Hi to you too! I'm glad you see something you like on my blog too...that's a reason to smile today. Thanks!!

Richard Cosgrove said...

Hello Michelle,

You've seen mine and so I figured I'd better see your's.

(You know that sounded much better in my head...)

Nice bit about the Next Blog button. Especially the journo in New Orleans - ones like that are gold dust.

Anyway, I'll definitely be checking in with you now on.

Happy blogging.

- Richard

Michele said...

Thanks Richard,
Appreciate your visit to my blog.
Glad I found yours while surfing.
It was fun!

Stan Chauez said...


Michele said...

Wow, Stan. Thanks for stopping by.

You were impressed?
Double thanks.
Nice to know. :-)
Don't be a stranger.
Stop by anytime something interests you.