Friday, September 23, 2005

Oh, You've GOT to read this one!

This is the cover to the book. I've read one story of Ms. Popp's before and I remember enjoying it. So, when I saw her name, the Cover AND the back blurb...well, buying it was a given.

OUT OF THE NIGHT - by Robin T. Popp
O00h LaLa!!
If you enjoy paranormal romance, or- forget the romance, just like paranormal...this one delivers. The link takes you to reviews. I can't say it any better. Most gave it 5 stars!!!! I would too. I just love the originality of it.

If you think you've seen all there is to be seen with regards to vampire romances.....think again..READ this and THEN you'll be up to date with the genre. I've not seen this creature mentioned in any books...Gargoyles, yes, but not what Ms. Popp writes of. And I enjoyed how she worked it into the story. Pure genius.

When you read notice I said "when", let me know what YOU think. I'm itchin' to know.

Before I continue with the next book that I finished in 18 hours...

I would like to share a picture of incongruity that I found on the net. What do I mean? First, the Definition:
Incongruous: adj: not consistent with or suitable to the surroundings or associations: not harmonious, appropriate, or proper.

Second, the Example:
Or, A joke for the truly tasteless, i.e. not appropriate:
To prepare for his big date, a young man went to the rooftop of his apartment to work on his tan. Not wanting any tan lines, he sunbathed in the nude but fell asleep and burned his penis.Not wanting to miss out on his date with the hot blonde, he applied some ointment to his manhood and wrapped it in gauze.
The blonde showed up at his apartment, and after dinner they went into the living room to watch a movie.During the movie, the young man's sunburn began to hurt. After several minutes of extreme discomfort, he asked to be excused.
A friend had told him that milk was very effective in reducing sunburn pain. So he went to the kitchen, poured a tall glass of cold milk, and placed his sunburned member into the milk. He experienced immediate relief.The blonde, wondering what the young man was doing, wandered into the kitchen and found him with his shaft fully immersed in the glass of milk.
With a look of understanding the blonde exclaimed, "So that's how you load those things!" --

Now back to my second good read:

I want to mention a well known and beloved author of wonderful Scottish Highland alpha males. Her name is Karen Marie Moning. Her most recent visit to those wonderful Kelter Druids is SPELL OF THE HIGHLANDER. click on name for ratings from Amazon.

I could not put this book down. Of course, I couldn't put ANY of the books in the series down until I'd read them cover to cover. She is such a talented writer.
If you've read it, what's your favorite part?

As I'm sure you are aware, Hurricane Rita is about to wreck a swath of flooding and damage like Katrina. I have a friend in Louisiana that lived in an area of the state untouched by Katrina. Not so with Rita. She emailed me this morning.
And what she said has me very worried for her and her family.

Rita is expected to slam us. Listen to your news this weekend. If you hear anything about East Texas, Ark-La-Tex, I-20, and Shreveport areas, that is us. Hurricane Rita is expected to stall over us for 3 days dumping 25-30 inches of rain. We are a little scared. They have not talked about evacuating yet. But where would we go, anyways? Everyone from Texas and down from New Orleans are in our shelters......."
......" This maybe the last e-mail probably until Tuesday. ...."

So, please keep my friend, her family and ALL folks about to be affected by another punch from mother nature, in your thoughts......
Until Tuesday comes...I won't know about my own friend.
What a humbling feeling.....
Truthfully? Worrying sucks.


Shesawriter said...


Robin Popp is my agent's client! So you can best believe I'm gonna "pop" over to Amazon and order a copy of her book. Pun intended. ;-)


Shesawriter said...

Regarding your friend, my prayer partner and I sent some words to the Big Guy upstairs. Let's hope He was listening.


Brandy said...

I'll be praying for your friend and the others in the area. As for the book, I've already read the review and had planned to pick it up on my next bookstore run. Your recommendation just reinforced my decision.B.

Michele said...

LOL on the pun! Well, I have to say this...Since I think Ms.Popp is an excellent writer and she shares the same agent as you...ergo YOU are an excellent writer. I can't WAIT to read your work(s).
I'll be looking forward to your opinions of the story and characters. I bet it's better than the book you're struggling through now!!

Michele said...

Thank you Tanya for your prayers for my friend.
I am so very grateful!

Michele said...

Thank you Brandy!
Everyone down there will need prayers. Just saw the AM weather report....Now they think the flooding rains will continue until Wednesday!!!!! I can only pray that my friends home is on higher ground. It's especially heartwrenching when I refer back to her statement "But where would we go?" ....and I live so very far away to help....*sigh*

On a lighter note...So thrilled to hear you will be getting the book. I even sent an email to the author oozing with glowing praise. I can't wait until the next book comes out. For me, it will be a "must buy". Woohoo!

Gena Showalter said...

I've been meaning to grab that book. I did read Spell of the Highlander and LOVED it. Karen Moning is one of my favorite authors ever!!

And will pray for your friend!

Michele said...

I appreciate your prayers for my friend, Gena. Thanks So much.
I feel a bit better knowing that.

I hope you Do "grab that book" *grin*
Re: Karen Moning, I wonder who the next book will be about...aren't there 2 more "men" that need to be in place? I wonder if they'll be Druid or Fae....either way, they are sure to be yummy!
Thanks for visiting, Gena!