Monday, September 05, 2005

Traveling views

This long weekend before school starts in earnest was quietly spent.

I was reading 3 out of my 4 new e-books. More on that later.
Last month I had a post about the use of descriptive taste in romance books.

I was reading Secluded by Lisa Marie Rice - a story that I believe is located in Secrets 9 & 10.
There was a wonderful taste description that I want to share:

"He wanted to taste her", which then leads into the phrase that claimed that she tasted "Like seashells, like a rose, like the dawn"

I'll admit, very poetic! Romantic even, BUT, what in the world does "dawn" taste like? Hard to capture if you aren't a morning person. Seashells?... I have to ask,... washed up on the beach wrapped in seaweed seashells or processed for commercial sale in tourist shops seashells? If it was a seashell that he picked up on the beach, cleaned it and kept for rememberance...what was he doing licking it? Low on Calcium? Roses are easy as they ARE truly edible.
Although I felt the need to point out these unique descriptions and make snarky comments, I do admit that I liked the thoughts behind them. In the story, they were beautiful. Not many men can speak so eloquently.

Not everyone is romantic. Whilst traveling, I noticed these signs:

#1 - I'm Not Bossy, I Just Have Better Ideas
#2 - Be Reasonable - Do It My Way
#3 - You Can Always Tell an Irishman- But You Can't Tell Him Much.

Which one do you like the best?

You may think that they sound like bumper stickers. They do, but were actually burned onto wooden signs. Which leads me to this observation:
There are less bumper stickers on cars these days.

Have you noticed? Have you wondered why?
Here's my theory. LEASED CARS.
Have to take care of and baby your leased car. Bumper stickers are a MAJOR no-no.

Another possible reason is that more people understand that bumper sticker residue on a
trade-in can affect value by making the car look ratty. (Re: Non-leased vehicles)

NEVER have a bumper sticker that proudly proclaims THIS CAR CLIMBED MT. WASHINGTON, NH!! Have you EVER seen how steep Mt. Washington is??? Can you imagine your car's break pads by the end of the descent? Talk about car abuse. That's another factor in resale value - a tramautized car. That bumper sticker provides info that you may not want well known. Ever think of that?

Another interesting place to visit - we were passing through and loved the sign- would be this up-in-coming festival. Can you read the smaller print? It is why I took this photo.
It says:
"The Festival That Stinks"

Great event to take in -
UNLESS you are a vampire, *grin*

This sounds romantic, don't you think so?
If you could kiss your date with enthusiasm
after a day spent sampling garlic laced goodies,
then it MUST be true love!

Hope you had a great Labor Day!!!!
And Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Shesawriter said...

Tastes like dawn? OH, I LOVE that one! What does dawn taste like? New, fresh and exciting.


Michele said...

Nice interpretation, Tanya!
Now that, I can believe.
It meshes with the romantic moment in the story.