Friday, December 30, 2005

Can you believe I've been Tagged!?!

I've been Tagged by A !

Actually, she did it awhile ago, but it took me a bit to get my thoughts together....

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
#1 Bungee Jump!!
#2 Ride in a hot air balloon
#3 Publish a short story (I'll start off small)
#4 Visit another country
#5 Visit one of our great national parks
#6 See my kids marry (a mother can always hope)
#7 Find out for myself if there really is such a thing as a Viking S-spot

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
#1 Wait patiently, for Anything!
#2 Fix a car
#3 Rollerblade or skate -anything that involves ankle strength
#4 Walk by a cookie and not eat it
#5 Stop being self-critical
#6 Stop being Queen Procrastinator
#7 Walk in the shallows on a beach and not get my toes jabbed or pinched by Crabs!! They wait for me, honest!!

Seven Things that Attract Me to My Spouse (or significant other, best friend, etc.)
#1 His smell
#2 His creamy chocolate brown eyes
#3 His willingness to please me
#4 His support in whatever I try to know the song, "Wind Beneath My Wings" ? He's mine. Except sometimes he's like a macro-burst- energy, strength and forcefullness *sigh*
#5 He's a great father - he's able to connect with his "inner kid" and I love watching that
#6 His height. I love feeling "small" next to him when he holds me
#7 His postive and optimistic outlook on life and its challenges( which includes me)

Seven Things I Say (or write!) Most Often
#1 WooHoo!!!
#2 Suddenly
#3 My kids names
#4 I need some "alone" time
#5 I love you
#6 Hey, Be Nice!!
#7 Pick up these LEGOS!!!

Seven Books (or series) I Love
#1 The Carpathian hunks from Christine Feehan
#2 The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.. like that's a surprise?
#3 Dune series by Frank Herbert
#4 Anything by Clifford D. Simak
#5 Aisling Grey Series by Katie MacAllister
#6 Laurell K. Hamilton's series (written this way, I get 2 in, Ha!)
#7 Click , Clack,... Moo!, Quack! ... all those books. They're FUN!

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again
#1 Hot Shots Part Deux
#2 All Star Wars
#3 LOTR - all
#4 The Hunt For Red October
#5 Naked Gun
#6 Blazing Saddles
#7 My Neighbor Totoro

Seven People I Want to Join In (Be Tagged)
#1 Avindair
#2 Brandy
#3 Annalee
#4 Robin
#5 Judson
#6 Jason
#7 Anyone who visits my blog who hasn't said HI yet!!!

So there you have it! My long , exhaustive answer to the 7 Meme. Thanks for the Tag, A !, I think...*grin.

And to finalize this long post, I will share another kind of tag:


Brandy said...

AGAIN! I don't mind, but I will bore anyone to tears. Oh, wait, I do that already. Okay then.

Michele said...

No No, you don't bore anyone, Brandy!!!
Not me anyway..I relate too much to most of what you say..*grin*

What do you mean"AGAIN?!!",
You got this already??
Rats..I thought you were clear..
Sorry , Brandy.

Meenal Mehta said...

nice ...

liked the stuff you put up about your significant other :)

heres my reply to your comment on my blog ..........

Michele ,

you love your kid and being paranoid is understandable ..lets not take a risk , also dont try pecans or walnuts here ..strong taste ..we dont want to let the walnuts over power the chicken here .

lemme know what else you are game for,what kinda recipes you like ..

Iam thinking of putting up a meatball curry could try that ...

instead of having that with pasta its possible to have that with rice..tastes good ..

or any other recipe you want to know about.Yes, I did look at your cookies recipe..yum

AND Iam glad you like my blog:) .Very glad

A happy new yr to you and your family .

Meenal Mehta said...

and di you know , I write another blog, though not a food blog

its called "ramblings of the mind"
appropriately so :P

read it if u get time

Michele said...

Thanks Meenal!!!
OK, no walnuts or pecans. Understood.

Oooh,Meatballs? I LIKE that.
I only make my own ..I don't use store bought meat balls -ever.
So yes, I'm interested!

Happy New Year to you too!
And thank you for the invite at your other blog. I'll check it out.

Brandy said...

I didn't mean again for this one. I meant this is the 2nd tag from you. Which I don't mind. I was being funny. (trying to anyway) Aaagh, take foot, insert in mouth!

Kelli McBride said...

Loved the meme! I did it on my blog - wow, some of the choices were hard to narrow down!

This is my first in depth post since developing bronchitis! Thanks for giving me something fun to do!!

Gangadhar said...

Wishing you a very happy and fantastic new year,Michele!!!

With best wishes

Annalee Blysse said...

Give me something to do tomorrow if it keeps raining this hard and they cancel the fireworks. It's pouring down rain right now. Happy New Year Michele!

Annalee Blysse said...

They cancelled the fireworks. Should be careful what I "wish" for. Only I wasn't really wishing. It did keep pouring all night the river flooded downtown and a major mudslide a few miles up the Interstate closed it in both directions. So we've got lots of unintended visitors stuck in town and no fireworks to entertain them. I heard they'll blow those off 8 p.m. tomorrow night instead.

Michele said...

They cancelled them ,Annalee?
What a bummer.
There were no such plans here though...snowing...2 inches so far..maximum is supposed to be 4...I like 2.

15 minutes until new year. I can hardly keep my eyes open and typing is getting hard. Lots of typos.
Have a great night anyway, Annalee.

Michele said...

You're Welcome Kelli!
Loved yours. I saw your blog.Cool!!!

Thanks Gangadhar!
You say such nice things.
Have a great day!

Kasy said...

Hey! I see you've been tagged Brandy! I'd let someone tag me, BUT I can't make a web address the Blogger will accept!!!! Can you help me figure it out? I HAD but THEY WOULD NOT ACCEPT IT!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Min said...

Hi Kasy!

It's quite possible that someone already has that address, so that's why Blogger couldn't accept it.
I just tried to set up a new blog and it worked for me. I'm not sure what steps you took so I can't pinpoint for sure where the glitch is.
When I put in something blogger didn't like, it told me what was wrong..I did have a bit or work to do to get a new blog up and running.
Actually, I AM SO glad you stopped by because you helped me complete one of my New Year's Resolutions!!
Which was to establish a new blog for experimentation purposes. I did it!! ANd I have you to thank.
Thanks, Kasy!!!!!

Michele said...

BTW Kasy,
Min is ME!!

It seems my "new blog" overwrote my main blog!!!!

I'm now in a tizzy. I deleted my new blog but the profile remains!
I can't believe this!!!

I'm not sure what to do.
I guess when you open a Pandora's Box,all kinds of interesting things happen.

So, Kasy, we both now have new questions.
All I can say as far as yours, is
Good Luck and Happy New Year!!!

As for me... just call me Min...geesh!!!

AE Rought said...

Maybe someday I'll be on that list of seven books... :P

Aren't impaitience and procrasitination kind of oxymoronish?? Sorry, just struck me funny.

Michele said...

You'll be there ,A! There were so many to chose from really.
I could have put Annalee's book too, but I stuck with series. I'm on that kick.

As far as being an oxymoron...yep, sure they are..and some days, I Am just that oxymoron..emphasis on "moron"...especially after tangling with blogger today.

Glad I "struck you as funny" least it got you to smile.

Robin Caroll said... list! And I can SO relate to the cookie issue...and brownies...and chocolate cake...LOL

Michele said...

Oh Robin,!! Don't mention brownies!
I LOVE fact I used to make Kahlua Brownies....And Double Fudge Brownies...Oh great, I just had a hankering to I need more calories after the holiday...*giggle*
Chocolate cake, thankfully, isn't my downfall.
But cookies and brownies more than make up for it.

Have a sweet day, Robin!!

Avindair said...

Okay, Michele --

I did my seven things list. I even added two new categories, too. :)

Have a great one!


P.S. Okay, my Word Verification now is "lunce". Am I the only person who sees "lunacy" in that? ;)