Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday calm

What do I mean "Thursday calm"? Just that, it is. Yesterday for me,
was crazy busy. Today is calm. Tomorrow will again be crazy busy and will be exacerbated by the freezing rain they are predicting and Saturday is going to be nuts. In a good way. I'm the president of my church's Women's Club and together, mine and the Men's Club are sponsoring a pancake breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus for all the families of my parish. The cost will be an unwrapped new toy for the Toys for Tots campaign. We'll be having family photos with the Clauses. Should be a lot of fun and a great time. It's the planning and hoping all goes well that weighs on the mind. Today, I'm not thinking about any of that. So...I'm calm.

By the way, have you never wondered why Guys Shouldn't Baby-sit Kids?????
I can't tell you, I guess I'm gonna have to show's why......

Give me a sense of humor,


Give me the grace to see a joke,

To get some humor out of life,

and pass it on to other folks!

Those were my instructions.

I'd like to think, through my humble blog, that I have done just that.



Gregg said...

Hope that magic marker is non toxic on that little kid.

markoos said...

calm thursday? i had a massive nightlast night at a company 'functoin' and am suitably hungover this morning. it's going to be anythign but calm.

now, where's that redbull?

Shesawriter said...

Oh, my gosh! ROFLOL! I love the baby in the sink, and the black beer t-shirt is a hoot! :-)


Michele said...

Hi Gregg! You know, the only ones who know are the kids parents. I'm only glad it wasn't ME! I think my heart would stop if I had ever walked in and saw that.
Doesn't she look so triumphant of her art though??

Michele said...

LOL, Markoos! Long time no see!
So,you tied one on Last night right? Well, today you recover..gotta be quiet for that, no loud noises or anything...sounds like a forced calm Thursday to me..
I'm curious, what will a RedBull do for you anyway?
No matter, so glad to see you here today. TTFN!!

Michele said...

*grin* Yeah, that t-shirt really raised my eyebrows when I first saw it. Good thing the kid can't read yet!!
I was wondering..the baby in the sink..does it look like a photoshop creation to you? Of all of them, this and the kid on the hood of the car seemed to be possible Photoshops....just wondering.
Anyway, glad you came by today.

AE Rought said...

The kid on the hood is most likely a doctored pic, but you gotta love that face! Kind of reminds me of Ron Weasley of the Harry Potter flicks. :)

Michele said...

**tee hee**
You're right, A !!
Hanging around Harry Potter kinda gives the kid plenty of opportunity to show us "the look"..I see the similarity now that you mention it.
Too funny.
Glad you dropped by today, A.!
Have a happy day..

Mel Francis said...

Just so you know, we've experienced some form of all of these pictures in the Francis household.

Sigh. It's the blessing of having boys.

Michele said...

Please tell me you didn't have the "boy and his dog" experience!!
Oooh ick, Mel!! **giggle**

Yup, I've got boys too. I did'nt see any pics of boys bringing big fat toads into their bedroom and having the little hopper drop a few gifts on the rug.
**shakes head** yes..bringing up boys is an education.

Gangadhar said... naughty the kids are!!!

Michele said...

LOL! Gangadhar!
I like to think they are only exploring their world... they just are unique in their explorations , meanwhile, giving their parents "gray hairs" from shock..*snicker*

Gangadhar said...

Then you must see my post on "Warning about children".. lol

Judson Knight said...

Hiya, Michele! Thanks for sending me a shout-out when, as you know, I'm a very lazy blogger who needs a little prodding now and then from my most gracious and enthusiastic reader. I've had lots of thoughts about various things that make me go "Hm," and have written lots of little shorts, but nothing I've so far been prepared to post. But thanks for giving me a little much-needed nudge!

GREAT pics here--but do you notice that in almost every case, the children are boys? Speaking as a father of girls only, I'm guessing these kinds of shenanigans are a lot more likely to happen when there's not only a big man, but a little man, about the house. Dads' expectations for sons tend to be quite different than for daughters--reflected most obviously in the infamous (but thoroughly understandable) double standard about adolescent behaviors such as staying out late, etc. But even when they're little (and I feel this w/ regard to my godson and nephew, who's just five), there's a tendency to encourage boys to embrace their rough and tumble nature.

Michele said...

LOL, Gangadhar, I did and you're right!!!

Howdy, back at ya, Judson!
Now that you point it out, you're right..the more adventurous ARE boys..
You are most probably right about the double standard being exhibited early on .... it comes so naturally to boys. I've never let my kids watch Power Rangers...karate chops, kicks and pile drivers seem to come naturally to them. (I've NEVER even let them glimpse wrestling either)
Rare is the girl who can keep up and in fact beat them at their games. Fortunatley, my boys know a few girls like I feel lucky. I don't know how their MOMs feel about that though *grin*
Hope to read a post from you soon!!!

Annalee Blysse said...

Here's the conversation Christmas morning...

No, no... that's your sister!!! You can only color Doodle Bear.

Michele said...

**shakes head vigourously**
You are a riot ,Annalee!

I can see it now.... :-)

BTW-I heard Doodle Monster is sold out! I'm met a few parents who a frantic trying to find the silly thing. Doodle BEAR, however, there are plenty in this area. You never know what's going to strike a chord with the kiddies.....**scatches head perplexed"

Judson Knight said...

To follow up on Annalee's post, for a long time--our younger child is three and a half now, and still a handful--one of the most frequently issued injunctions around our house has been: "That doesn't go in your mouth!"

Judson Knight said...

P.S. Michele, when Deidre was little, she was one of those rare girls who actually enjoyed watching wrestling. She blogged about it a few weeks back:

Michele said...

LOL, Judson! I'm glad my kids are beyond the "don't put that in your mouth" stage, however, *sigh*, it's now what comes OUT of their mouths that's contributing to grey hairs...

Deidre's post sure was fascinating. Enjoyed her view and interpretation of wrestling. She's done what I can only imagine doing. She must be a wonderful life partner. Give her my compliments! (is that the right phrasology?)