Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

I have to say "Thank you" to all my visiters that visited C. J.'s site and left such wonderful comments!!!

I feel honored and pleased that, not only do you visit me, but when I've asked for your help for either myself or someone I've come to care about, you have never let me down. I experience a wonderous feeling when I think that the "power of blogging" can literally touch another person, many miles away, to lift a burden, bring a smile and laughter, or give support and comfort to someone when they need it.
Gives me that Warm and Fuzzy feeling.
It is So COOL!!
And it couldn't happen without YOU.
Thank you!!

Okey , Dokey. Time for some of those smiles I was talking about.

Have a wonderful day and may you smile more than you frown.

And if you have to frown, hopefully reading one of these will turn your frown right side round..



Shesawriter said...

"Holy Sh*t a talking chicken!" ROFLMAO! Where do you find this stuff???? LOL!


Brandy said...

My big sissy thought these were funny. :)

Gangadhar said...

ha ha ha..enjoyed all the jokes....
thanks,Michele for sharing wid us...

C.J. said...

I'd like to say THANK YOU too. To Michele for putting out the much needed SOS and for all the wonderfully kind comments you all left for me. Michele has some great friends. :)

And I laughed for the five minutes about the "talking chicken." :D

Happy holidays everyone.

Avindair said...

Okay, the "Talking chicken" joke is my favorite, though the twinkie joke is a close second.

Thanks, Michele.

Now on to trying to focus on work when I just want to be home...

Michele said...

OK, I'm gonna have to do a Group Hug here folks..there's too many of you for individuals......

TANYA!, BRANDY!, GANGADHAR!, AVINDAIR! I'm tickled pink that y'all found a smile or two from my jokes. Knowing that brings a smile to me.
Thanks all!

Michele said...

C.J., Happy Holidays back at you!

I'm so glad to hear that I got you laughing. Hearing that absolutely makes my day.

And on behalf of my friends, I thank you for the compliment.

Kelli McBride said...

Thanks for the laugh! I agree that the chicken story is hilarious. It reminds me of my favorite line in THE GREAT RACE with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. A guy comes in and says, "The Great Leslie (Tony Curtis) has escaped with a small friar." Jack Lemmon responds, "He ran off with a chicken?"

It's much better when you see it. ;-)

Michele said...

LOL, Kelli ! Yes, I DO know that movie.

Its one of me and my family's favorites. I have it on tape and my kids laugh themselves silly at the antics of Professor Fate.

That movie was truly inspired!! So many great actors and scenes.

So Yes, It is better when I see it...**giggle**

Jill Monroe said...

Thanks for the smiles!

AE Rought said...

Having a kid who has the occasional nightmare, I have to say I love the "big sissy" one. I can just hear one of my cookie monsters saying that!

I'm glad that everyone helped to make CJ feel better. I've been so busy with revisions I didn't get a chance to get over there. :(

Michele said...

you're Welcome, Jill. Anytime,

Howdy, A .. !!
Oh, don't feel so bad, A, about not getting a chance. Revisions are REALLY important and as CJ is a fellow author, I'm sure she'd understand.
I'm glad you found one that made you smile. Awesome! TTFN!!

Annalee Blysse said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Someone sent me letters to God, where kids wrote asking for favors/prayers/advice. There are tons of pics.

Michele said...

Oooh, Are you going to post some, Annalee?? I've seen that type before and I've always gotten a kick out of them.