Saturday, December 10, 2005

Someone needs a smile

I was visiting one of my favorite authors' blog and her story just broke my heart. Her heart is still smarting from Nature's Way, you know, " the circle of life"? She did a good thing and something sad happened. Do you think you could visit and give C. J. some support? It may seem trivial to some people, but if it should happen to you, what would YOU do????
If you have a moment, Say Hi to CJ!



Brandy said...

Done. Read her post yesterday and wanted to cry myself. Nothing said will maker her feel better except knowing that there are others who care about the same things.

Michele said...

Thanks, Brandy.
I appreciate your comments to her.
Glad I'm not the only one who was affected by her story.

Annalee Blysse said...

I know the feeling. I love the little birds.

Michele said...

Me too, Annalee, I saw your comment.
You know, I've never seen a quail up close. To me, that is an exotic bird. You are fortunate to have them close to you..even though you see the harsher side of nature too.
Thanks for visiting!!

C.J. said...

Ah-ha! So here you all are. :D Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to make me feel better. You really helped.

I noticed today that there are no birds at any of our four feeders thanks to the hawk. I hope the little guys are okay.

Happy holidays all!


Richard Cosgrove said...

Hmm.... I think I'm the only one who has any sympathy for that hawk.

- Richard

Richard Cosgrove said...

Before I forget Michele.

Thanks for your message. It's inspired my next column.

- Richard

Jill Monroe said...

What a sad story. You're such a good friend, Michele!

Gregg said...

michele- that's a really sad story. Here's a happier one: I woke up one summer morning to hear peeping coming from the fireplace. Upon further investigation, I found a baby starling huggling among the andirons. After consulting the local vet, I borrowed a cage and started feeding the chick milk in a dropper and eventually moved onto mealworms. I had to wake up every two hours to meet the feeding schedule. After 6 or y days, the bird got big and strong and started flying around the house so I grabbed it and let it go from the back porch. When I last saw the bird, it was flying off with a bunch of other starlings.

Gangadhar said...

Gone to CJ's blog..I felt so sorry..
You're such a nice friend!!I appreciate that..

Avindair said...

We had a similar occurance this summer. We spotted a bunny stretched out on our back lawn. At first we thought it was funny, as if it was just lounging...and then we noticed its breath was labored.

My daughter simply wouldn't have that.

So we picked up the bunny carefully and put it in a box. Off to the local pound we went (after a call that assured us that, yes, they would take care of it)...

...and it died en route.

It was sad, but at least it died laying on a soft towel in a cardboard box.

The dove, though...dear god, that's horrible. We're talking Simpsons parody awful. Ouch.