Saturday, December 31, 2005

I wasn't going to do a New Years Post

Nope, I wasn't. I didn't want to take away from my 7 meme. I worked so hard on that.

But, I visited Bookseller Chick and I had the best results from this program that helps you pick the best New Years Resolution for you in 2006. I'm NOT posting it here. You have to go there.

Then, you can come back and tell me if you think I have a chance in hell in making it stick.
See my Resolution.

Anyway, Have a Happy New Year's celebration all you who stop by today!!!!
What ever dreams or plans you stir and mix, may they all work out in 2006!


Annalee Blysse said...

I read a really hot book last night and the heroine was pretty much fulfilling that resolution! LOL. But after about 8 months things had to slow down, she couldn't keep up.

Michele said...

"she couldn't keep up" ??

LOL,Annalee!! **wipes tears from eyes**

So, are you going to tell me the name of this book? I might need tips..*giggle*

So glad you stopped by.
Boring waiting for midnight by myself..although now DH has left the Three Stooges and is watching First Knight...BIG improvement!!

dave said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog; you're welcome to stop by anytime you want.

You like pictures, I like taking them.
Seems like a good deal?

Happy New Years!

Shesawriter said...

Happy New Year, Michele!

Hugs to you, sweetie.


Michele said...

Yowza! Dave. You're quick! I just left your blog just a bit ago.

Thank you for giving me the OK to visit. I look forward to viewing some great photos judging by the few I peeked at.

Thanks too, for the New Year greetings.
I guess I now can say, TTFN!!

Michele said...

Oh Tanya, you are so nice.
Hugs back at ya!

Brandy said...

Happy New Year! I actually enjoyed the meme. Don't forget to give the hubby a kiss at midnight.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Michele!

Sudarshan said...

That resolution is cool came here first time..your blog is really cool!!wish you a very happy new year, and keep posting!!

AE Rought said...

Happy New Years, Michele!! May you read more and step on Legos less!!

Annalee Blysse said...

That book was the print book Best of Kimberly Zant at NCP that I got at with my gift certificate. It was the last story in the book. Very hot. The stories were at least male-male-female. I am 1/3 of the way into Minion now.

Robin Caroll said...

Happy New Year, Michele! May 2006 bring you many, many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Michele :)

Michele said...

LOL, Brandy! Hubby is satisfied *waggles eyebrows*
I'm glad you enjoyed the meme.
Thanks for letting me know. :)

Michele said...

Thanks, Jason! Thanks for visiting my blog this past year.
I enjoy your visits.

Michele said...

Hi and Welcome Sudarshan!!
Glad you "like my resolution" **grin**
I'll keep on posting, I hope that you'll keep on visiting now and again. Have a Great and rewarding New Year too!!!

Michele said...

"Step on Legos less", very cute, A !. *giggle*

I won't tell DH about the "reading more" , He thinks I do enough of that already! LOL.

Thanks for the good wishes, A !

Michele said...

Hot is right, Annalee!
That does sound good. Reminds me of Strange Attractions by Emma Holly. That was HOT ..even silicon gloves couldn't handle it!!

I'm looking forward to your opinion on Minion when you're done. My curiousity is simmering.

Michele said...

Thanks,Robin! , I need all the blessing I can get, LOL.

Happy New Year to you too and may all your endeavors prove fruitful.
God Bless, Robin!

Michele said...

Happy New Year back at you ,Bonnie!!
Oh, Congrats on winning the contest at Gena's site, Woohoo!!!