Friday, December 09, 2005

Snow comes and goes

Wow, weather sure changes FAST on the East Coast. It was snowing quite heavy from early morning until 1:30-ish PM. Then......

The sky lightened up, the snow gradually stopped and Mr. Sun peeked out from behind a cloud to say HI !!! The snow warning was until 4PM, but , lucky us, it decided to end early.

Now, we get the fun job of digging out.
Isn't winter grand?
Heh! It isn't officially winter yet. Could have fooled me.

With all this snow, doesn't it bring out the kid in you?


It's even easier when you ARE a kid, LOL!

Happy Friday!!!


Elvis, The King, AKA The Carjacker Gourmet said...

Yeah, Ah 'member wintertahm. Didn't get much snow, mmm mm. Cain't beat the eggnog, though.

Hey, y'all lemme know if ya see the colonel, willya? Thanks, babe.

Kelli McBride said...

Okay, I hate you. I want snow like this. We got 1.5 inches in Seminole, and that's considered heavier than normal - which is usually "trace amounts." And, we get all the other lovely parts of winter: windchills in the single or minus digits, stiff winds, ice. Why can't we get SNOW????!!!! With 1.5 inches, you can't have a snowman. You can't have a serious snowball fight - you need to be able to make more than one good sized snowball for it to count as a fight. No snow angels - you should be able to fall back in the snow and not hit your head on the ground, and your movements should not reveal grass and dirt!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

You easterners are way too selfish with the white stuff. ;-) We're so desperate that Bricktown, the downtown revitalized area of OKC, has put in a snow slide where they manufacture snow on the Redhawk's baseball field (Our Triple-A franchise) and build a slide. People pay like $5 for 2 hours of sliding.

Michele said...

Hmmmm, OK, will do.
BTW- speaking of Eggnog...while all this snow was coming my way..I decided that it was perfect to make my yearly Egg Nog Cookies. They came out Great!

Since Egg Nog only comes out at this time, I can only bake them during December. Makes the month memorable, thats for sure..yum!

Michele said...

I would LOVE to send some snow to you...believe me.

You have a place where you have to PAY to slide?!
Wow! That's shocking...and I guess I should give thanks. I don't have to go far to front yard is steep enough. Only have to be careful to stop and not continue into the road.

I didn't make snow angels today..just cookies. Shoveled a bit...but when I turned around, the area I shovelled had already accumulated almost 1/2 inch. I gave up. sure was pretty though.

Elvis, The King, AKA The Carjacker Gourmet said...

Cookies, Ah luuuuv cookies. If y'cain't send us along some, just post the recipe so Ah c'n get some f'r mah own, ummm hum.

Anonymous said...

Michele, that first picture is gorgeous!

Michele said...

Jason!! Thank you!
I guess I do like where I live. Nature is wonderful, isn't it?

OK, o king,
I went to your blog (that was ...interesting...) and posted the recipe to your comments section. So, enjoy the Eggnog cookies when you make/bake them!

Brandy said...

DId you say eggnog cookies? Ooohhh, share! The snow looks beautiful. Bet your kids (and you) had a blast with it, at first. It only snows here about once a year. And it never lasts more than a day or 2. Enjoy it.

eMMa said...


That snow is so beautiful! I so wish it snowed here!

AE Rought said...

Eggnogg cookies?!?? omg You HAVE to share the recipe, please, please, please. (yup, I'm begging) We LOVE eggnogg here.

I was on the phone with my agent (in CT) and they got dumped on pretty bad on Friday, too. Accumulation totals here in MI were near to a foot in just a couple of days.

Winter is lovely, unless you're the one holding the shovel.

Michele said...

OK, Brandy and Ae Rought, your wish is my command!!
My next post will be the recipe for the cookies.
LOL , I'm really tickled pink that you'd want it. Thanks!!!

LaRa! Glad you liked the pics.
Hey, you could always come to the East Coast for a visit. We've got plenty of snow after yesterday to share... :-)

Shesawriter said...


I posted a comment on here yesterday and it somehow went POOF. LOL! Anyway, I said the first picture looked postcard worthy. It was beautiful.


Michele said...

Thank you for the compliment, Tanya
I appreciate it.

Kara Alison said...

Hi Michele - You know, I hate to say it, but seeing those pictures really makes me miss the cold. Georgia is great and I love hot weather, but there's nothing like a good snow storm. All of that shovelling is so good for your arms too! (I'm currently working towards being able to do ONE pullup...sad)