Saturday, December 03, 2005

Powdered Toast Man

You know what? It really saddened me that I couldn't load my Powdered Toast Man pictures to the post of Ren and Stimpy last week. So, bound and determined fan that I am, I perservered.

Calling Powdered Toastman, Over.

Powdered Toastman to rescue Breakfast and our sense of humor too. Yeah!

Whoa! Looks like too much vitamin F.

In the process of celebrating all things Powdered Toast, I discovered something.
There were Powdered Toastman Comic Books and I NEVER KNEW!!! Did you?

I hope you have a wild and crazy (but safe)

And may your visit here today, bring you a smile...if only for a minute.



Shesawriter said...

Powdered Toast Man? Where on earth do you find these things? LOL!


Kara Alison said...

Oh, not only did I know about the comic books, I had one. They were just as good as you'd hope!

I've actually had the first and second seasons of Ren and Stimpy arrive from Netflix over the past couple of weeks and I am in absolute heavin watching them. That show is just as great as I remember it!

I guess I'll play with my magic nose goblins until next week! Bye!

Gangadhar said...

Well,Michele..I'm not much aware of comic strips...
But this one seems interesting..

Michele said...

Hi Tanya!!!, Where? Oh I've LOVED Ren and Stimpy for a long time. I search diligently in cyberspace for my fix. That's where. Cyberspace...what a great invention!

Kara, No Way!!! You Had One of the Comic Books?!!
You lucky ducky, you.
HAHAHAA!! on playing with your "magic nose goblins" ACK! and Remember, Hair Balls are worth More than Gold!!!! and gold is now what...500$ an ounce? Go Stimpy Go!!!!

Oh, Yes, Gangadhar This is really interesting. It was a fun, silly and irreverent show. We have it on DVD now in this country, but I've heard it's not yet avaliable in the U.K. ,So that leads me to the sad conclusion that it many not be readily seen outside the U.S. ..which is a shame as you can never experience enough good humor and laughter.
Thanks for saying Hi today!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Michele. I'm definitely smiling!

Michele said...

Thanks , Jason!
I appreciate your letting me know. Makes it all worthwhile, this little ol' blog of mine. :-)

Gangadhar said...

Hiee Michele..
Nice to hear from you..and dat's a nice response from you...liked it..

take care

Muh-muh-muh-ham-ham-ham-ad-ad A-a-a-a-llll-li said...

Wuh-wuhw-w-www-uhhh-huhuh-what's puh-puh-p-p-ppppp-p-p-pppp!-owdered tuh-tuht-tuht-t-t-t-ttoast muh-muh-muh-man?