Tuesday, July 18, 2006

10 Favorite songs - a Tag by Mailyn

Thanks for the tag, Mailyn!
I am addicted to music. I will blog while listening to music. I can't drive without having tunes on. I de-stress at the end of the day by sneaking into my room where I shut the door, flip off the lights and turn on my favorite tunes... Music soothes the savage beast - in my case, the savage homemaker/wife/mother and dust bunny slayer.

My top 10 ( for the moment)

1) Claire in Heaven by Capercaille
2) Color Me - Celtic Voices - Women of song
3) In Your Honor - Foo Fighters
4) Katahitanga (Union) - Oceania ( New Zealand)
5) Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
6) Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
7) Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth
8) The Living Daylights - Aha from James Bond
9) I'm Your Boogie Man - KC and the Sunshine Band
10) The Chicken Dance from Jimmy Neutron ( dedicated to Mailyn!)

OH! Blogger likes me today. Will even let me post pictures. Have you been sleeping well lately? I realize that many parts of the country are dealing with high heat indexes. Same where I am. I heard relief is in sight for many, Yea!!!
But... how many can't sleep from nightmares?


More Spider Hair Fun!

I guess these guys are Spider man fans. Not sure what the first clue was .....

M.E. - delightful lady - is still trying to beat her nemisis(es) -

Somehow, this ISN'T the way to do it.


But Wait - Where's the Hair???? The post doesn't make much sense ... ah!


Love ya, M.E.!!! **giggle**


Farm Girl said...

I LOVE music too. If I had to give up my TV or stereo it would be the TV. Right now in my rotation are Moxy Fruuvous (a band out of Toronto that I LOVE- it's peppy music, I love peppy) and also Jimmy Buffet. At work I've been listening to Huey Lewis.

Tempest Knight said...

I love #5, 6 and 9 too! I admit I wasn't into disco music back in the 70s but now that that era is over, I kind of listen to its music. *lol*

Michele said...

Hey Les! Hey Tempest!

I really didn't think anyone would like my choices, cool!

So glad you stopped by... ironically, I forgot to TAG ANYONE!!!

Hmmm, who should I zap?
Brandy (who needs a song in her heart)
Eve - great blog fodder
Annalee - I'd love to know if any of her songs would be the theme song to Starlit Destiny
M.E. - to prove she's not mad at me (for the hairy scary)

Anyone else want to play - just because????

Mailyn said...

LMAO the chicken dance!!!!!!!!! bahahahaha......

dude I love KC and the Sunshine band but Rob Zombie's version rocks

Kimberly said...

Oh sweet mother of Davy Jones...that middle spider, the spindle one, is making it hard for me to even type this reply and I'm not general afraid of the nasty little buggers.

Brandy said...

Woah, I'll have to think on this one. As for the spiders? I ASKED for WARNING next time, remember?!

Michele said...

Mailyn - That Rob guy does a rockin' KC song? Which one? Gotta check it out.

Thought you'd like the "Chicken " comment, **giggle**

LOL, Kimberly. It IS ugly, isn't it? I couldn't believe my good luck when I stumbled on it... if you can call it good luck *snicker*

BTW- loved your exclamation - never heard that before. *grin*

Brandy! Hey there lady!
*LOL!*, How could you not guess from the previous post! I mentioned on M.E.'s blog I was going to do a spider post for her, I thought I saw you comment there???
...and a post without spiders is boring!!!! Well, I guess the post before this wasn't too bad...it was SUPPOSED to have all these spiders, but Blogger wasn't cooperating as usual.

I mean, Spider Hair? Teehee... very clever of me...*snort*

So glad to see you making the rounds again, Brandy!

M.E Ellis said...




Ah cain't breathe!


I found the 2nd pic freakier than the 3rd!


Michele said...

You know what, M.E.? You're right. The more I look at the second, the freakier it gets..must be those individual eye stems or the fact that there IS hair on its legs. I never want to meet that sucker in person.
The third pic is kinda cute..like a bald guy that only has a few hairs sticking up from static ....

So, M.E., how'd I do? I can see from your comment how you did....*wink*
Cured or what?

Mailyn said...

same song: I'm your boogeyman ;-)

Tempest Knight said...

Play I'm Your Boogie Man by KC and the Sunshine Band while you're staring at the spider pics. Especially that second one. It's more scary than M. Night Shambalan movie.

Nancy said...

I agree with the music throughout the day. I log into xmradio and listen to the audio visions station. It is new age, all day, so I'm not distracted by the lyrics, just soothed by the melody.

The spider pictures were wild--isn't it amazing what people will do to their bodies. After living out west with the black widows, brown recluse, and other very scary spiders, I give them a wide berth.

Have a great day

Michele said...

Mailyn,, "Duh!", I should have known that! blonde moment

Tempest - interesting spider theme song, LOL!

Nancy! I enjoy instrumental music too, but I had to restrict my choices to 10.
Music by Ada Gio is good.
David Arkenstone is beautiful
R. Carlos Nakai And Paul Horn from Inside Canyon De Chelly is also relaxing.
Ever hear of them???

I take it you now live in a safer spider free zone? Good. Thinking about living with/near those you mentioned give ME the heebie Jeebies!

Annalee Blysse said...

I enjoy many of the songs you've mentioned... but I don't know them all.